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My Top Ten Questions of Leading Worship with No Instrument

September 7, 2010
  1. What do I do with my hands? I can’t just let ’em dangle.
  2. Can I touch my mic?  If so, how and how often?
  3. Do I look at the audience, my music, the screen or all three back and forth?
  4. Eyes, open or closed or squinting?
  5. Shoes, socks or bare feet? (cause everyone knows that bare feet is more holy, no matter how cheesy)
  6. Is the pastor signing me?
  7. Oops, hope no one just heard that?
  8. Are they watching me?  Feels like they are looking into my soul.
  9. Why doesn’t that guy ever sing?
  10. Bridge? Chorus? Back to verse 1? Repeat the last line? Ooh, acapella chorus.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Okay so this is my top ten silly list.  Enjoy.

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