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My Top Reasons for Pursuing Biblical Unity

October 21, 2009

Here are my top reasons for pursuing biblical unity in all that I believe and live in my Christian life: (in no particular order)

  1. I am a child of a triune, fully unified God
  2. I love Jesus Christ and His Good News
  3. I love the church, the universal, catholic church
  4. I love the Holy Spirit
  5. Jesus’ prayer in John 17 – His glory and fame is on the line!
  6. I love people
  7. I love the mission to make disciples
  8. I love my wife
  9. I love my daughter
  10. I love theology
  11. I love the Word
  12. Sin is real, dangerous and hopeless
  13. I love creation
  14. I hate the Fall and all of its effects and fruit
  15. Division in the Church is real, unfruitful and counterproductive
  16. Infighting prevents outreach
  17. “Unity” today has been lost in translation, especially in Christian circles
  18. Time must be redeemed because the days are still evil
  19. Jesus is coming back soon!
  20. I’m still breathing…

I list these primarily to be stated, not debated.

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  1. Timmy Kirkland permalink

    I have been reading the Church in the Born E mails for some time and I really enjoy them. I have sunday off and would love to be able to attend all I need is the address and my navi will get me their Tim Kirkland

    • Hey Tim,

      This is Jonathan. And Gospellife is my personal blog. So everything you read here is not necessarily always representative of Church in the ‘Boro. Although it is in my personal life and in how I lead Church in the ‘Boro as her Worship Leader of music. We’d love nothing else than to have you come and visit and plug in if God wills it so. Our address is

      130 Rushing Lane, Statesboro Ga. 30458
      It’s off the Memorial Bypass at the intersection of Hwy. 67. Take the road at the Shell Gas station and go all the way down on the left where the road stops. It’s an old Jehovah’s Witness building. God saw fit to let us have it for 1/3 of the cost per month.

      If you need any more help getting there or info about service times or our beliefs and community involvement, visit our church site at:

      Thanks again Tim for the encouragement and we pray that our church can continue to encourage you and others in Christ!
      Jonathan Chambers
      Worship Leader of Music @ Church in the ‘Boro

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