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Free Resources for Worship Leaders

September 17, 2009

I am the worship leader at church in the ‘Boro in southern Georgia. It’s been quite a journey of faith and fire. Through it all, God’s been more than faithful. I just pray I’ve been fruitful.

I have had many people pour into me as worship leader here for the past 9 months. I’ve also had to figure many things out on my own; often the hard way. So I want to help out worship leaders, song directors, and music directors because I needed help and still need help.

Here are some excellent key resources to help you in your efforts to not only lead your worship team but in leading the congregation (with your pastor) to exalt in the worship of God through singing!


  • Pandora – one of the best ways to fill your heart and mind with song ideas is to setup a free account here at the internet’s #1 free, custom radio station. It’s also an excellent tool to help you find a varied style that is not only honed into your personal preference, it’ll stretch your abilities and talents.
  • YouTube or GodTube (now called Tangle) – you’re way behind if you haven’t discovered YouTube yet. This is a great way to not only hear song ideas but to see them performed. Also an excellent tool to watch and learn to play different songs and instruments. Just create a Free account, save your videos and you’ll always have them. Good way to integrate sermon excerpts and inspirational worship media too.

Song Databases and Search Engines

  • I Will Worship – a simple, FREE and wonderful resource for a huge variety of songs from a variety of artists: from rock to alternative to worship to praise to hymns to contemporary to classic to underground to mainstream.
  • Guitar Hymns – excellent resource for hymns played on guitar

Favorite Artists and Ministries – who offer free resources

  • Sovereign Grace Music – countless free mp3s, chords, lyrics, piano, guitar and lead sheet music. Just click on “Store”.
  • Lead Worship – Free songbooks, lyrics, and songs from Paul Baloche
  • Tenth Avenue North – great new band who is very scripturally sound and fresh. They have very convicting and encouraging journals online and free lyrics and behind the song stories.

For the Worship Leader’s Heart and Leading

  • Worship Matters – Bob Kauflin’s personal blog. One of the best and most comprehensive blogs on how to be a godly worship leader, lead a team, and the ins and outs of worship team all through our worship of God.
  • Desiring God blog – personal blog of John Piper and Desiring God ministries

Not Free Resources

That’s it for now. I hope these help. I hope they assist you in leading your local church in worship by singing praise and ascribing goodness to God.

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  1. (Worship Leaders and Worship Teams) is an online based system created to make day to day elements of worship planning simple and stress free. Our system allows worship planning to become a joy instead of a daily routine. Our goal is to help you spend more time in worship and less time in planning.

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