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The Sound of Worship in Washington D.C.?

August 9, 2009


The first night of the Worship God 2009 Conference, I had an interesting image or vision placed into my head. It was nearly 5 minutes or less into our first night of singing. I was tired from the 12 hour drive, weary of the coming days, anticipating with joy and with wonder. My heart needed to be enaged with the words I was singing but it seemed to be dragging along. As the second song or so began, our voices began to get louder. Soon, they were raised at what seemed the top of our lungs. We were all singing with joy and freedom and wonder and awe at the glory and splendor of our God and Lord Jesus Christ!

Suddenly, like a flash, I had a thought of how near Washington, D.C. was to our conference in Gaithersburg, Maryland. It is less than a 40 minute drive. Quickly came a flash of an image of the roof of the church building we were in being ripped off (like a muffin top) and the loud sound of our joyful worship beginning to travel in a ribbon of notes and lyrics toward D.C. As it reached the city limits of historic Washington, it made its way into the doors and windows and alleys and streets and stores and monuments of old. The sound begin to capture people’s attention to the effect of silence, wonder, and bringing all to a stand still.

Instantly it reached the Supreme Court, the Capitol building (where Congress and Senate meet), the Treasury Department, and then finally the White House. Into the windows of the White House. Into the Oval Office where Presidnet Barack Obama and his cabinet meet. President Obama rises to his feet in a kind of curious wonder desperately trying to figure out just why we are singing and what we are singing about. As he and others being to realize the content of our singing, they become dumbfounded and aggravated; and even offended that we would be not just singing but “worshipping” someone or something. Until they find out that we are worshipping and praising and adoring another. And then they hear we are exalting Jesus! Then that we are exulting in Jesus exalting Himself and His own glory.

How absurd! How bizarre! How foolish! How pointless and demeaning to one’s own worth and value! How wasteful and utterly dehumanizing to sing with such passion to something that strikes a threat to our very core of being human!

As I pictured all of this in a flash of seconds, my heart couldn’t help but leap with joy and my face changed to show it. I was happy at the thought. I was overjoyed with glee that Washington could see such a sight and hear such a sound. Like a mighty rushing wind, for God to privilege Washington to hear the sound of His people worshipping His beauty and glory. What a joy! What an amazing experience it would be for President Obama to simply see and hear us now! To just taste the seeming foolishness of what we are doing: worshipping and exalting another. And actually finding happiness in doing so.

It makes no sense you silly little Christians. You radical extremists. How can you be so simple and childish? One day you will see Christians. One day you will come to terms with your deficiencies and your emptiness. Stop your singing. Stop your shouting and clapping. Stop your dancing. Stop your worshipping. Blah! What a wretched sight! What an offensive display of demoralization. What a putrid smell in our nostrils. You would be best to be banned from this place and cornered to a dark alley where none can hear or see you.

Oh Washington, if you only knew the love and might of our God! If you only could “taste and see that the Lord is good”. If you could only hear the message of our music. If you could only see the glory of God. If you could only hear the wonder of Jesus. You would painfully repent and joyfully leap to your feet for just a moment to be able to worship your creator!

Oh Washington, hear the sound of God’s people worshipping. See the sight of God’s people worshipping. One day it will be too late. May you pray on your face for God to gracefully rip off the roof’s of His local church gatherings so you can hear just a squeak of their singing and see just a glimpse of their joy! May He show you His holy goodness and His loving mercy through the worship of His saints!

May we worship at all times, always, never ceasing. May we humbly and boldly worship the Lord in the splendor of His majesty. May we serve the Lord with gladness, so that the world and Washington will one day be gripped with the wisdom of our foolish display of worship.

Worship the Lord church. Listen Washtingon. Watch. Pray for God to show you soon before it’s too late.



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