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WG 09 – Session 3: Jeff Purswell, The Leaders of Worship!

August 7, 2009

One Word: I’m not sure who Jeff Purswell is, but that little guy packs a punch of powerful providential proofs of our pronounced and precious Priest and of our parched and pathetic panting hearts!

Jeff started with a very sensitive appeal of empathy for those worship leaders (me) who come to big conferences like this with big worship, big names, big preachers, big buildings, big everything and have the reality of small to go home too.

Whew, thank God for Jeff’s timely encouragement. I was feeling very weary this whole trip until Jeff opened his mouth. His love, and kindness, and prophetic encouragement to those of us who feel that way was refreshing, liberating, and inspiring to say the least.

Jeff’s message was based out of Hebrews 10:19-26. He spent his time persuading us on the theology of worship, why we worship, and what happens during worship.

———————————————-Sermon Notes—————————————

August 6th

Jeff Purswell

The Leaders of Worship

Text: Hebrews 10:19-26

Theology always precedes methodology; doctrine always informs practice.

Hebrews 10:26 – Assumes that the body of Christ will gather corporately.

Three Reasons Why We Gather

  • We gather to encounter God.  Hebrews 10:19-26

The local church is one authentic manifestation of the entire church of God. This is the reality of New Covenant worship.

Worship leaders: what are you more aware of on Sunday mornings? Your participation and role in worship or the presence of God?

We should come to intimately know that we are before the presence of God, with the heavens rejoicing in awe and saints of old worshipping every Sunday!

This leads to a higher view of Sunday, not as the most holiest day, but as a day where something miraculous may take place.

  • We gather to respond to God.

All true worship is a response to God revealing Himself, by His intiative.

There is no signficance independent of God.

Preaching is the center of our worship on Sundays because it is when we hear from God.

*Preaching is God speaking to us; worship is our reaction to His word.

Understanding that worship is a response to God protects us from:

Formalism = obsession with the manner of worship

Emotionalism = obsession with the experience of worship

You know what you are doing when you begin to focus on the experience and feelings of worship over God?

*You worship worship! (ouch, that hurts Jeff!)

Legalism = obsession with the desire to obtain favor with God through our worship

Don’t substitute worship for Christ! (Worship is not the Gospel, God is! Worship is a response to hearing the Gospel!)

Worship is not entering the presence of God, Jesus is! Worship is a response to the cross of Christ!

Worship leaders can create worship by expanding the people’s perception of God’s greatness and glory.

  • We gather to strengthen each other for the glory of God.

Hebrews 10:24-25

Worship must edify!

Appeal to worship leaders and pastors:

*Be more aware of the God you worship than your participation in corporate worship!

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