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WG 09 – Seminar 1: Don Whitney, Do You Thirst for God?

August 7, 2009

One Word: Don Whitney is a breath of fresh air; or shall I say a cup of fresh water?

Don Whitney is a professor of theology at Southern Baptist Theological Society, so he comes with a rich tradition of reformed history. And he is perhaps best known for his work done on the spiritual disciplines.

Don’s topic,  Do You Thirst for God, is taken from his popular book “Ten Questions to Diagnose your Spiritual Health”. I highly recommend getting this book. I bought a copy for myself/church and have already paroused the chapters. It will be a refreshing and piercing encouragement and assessment of my spiritual growth. Am I stagnant like the Dead Sea? Or am I raging like the white rapids of Chattahoochee River?

You can read the whole chapter, Do You Thirst for God, online and get notes from there. But I will also post my notes and thoughts below to aid anything Don said.

Bottom line: In our thirsting for God, we are satisfied and therefore long and thirst for more of God. This is good proof that our souls are indeed growing toward holy love for Jesus Christ.


Three Kinds of Spiritual Thirst:

  1. The Thirst of the Empty Soul – the natural man who is devoid of God
  2. The Thirst of the Dry Soul – the one who has tasted God and knows of its satisfaction but has felt a loss of His presence.
  3. Why is the sould arrid? a) Too much drink from the wrong rivers, b) God’s deserts and withdraws a conscientious sense of His presence, however this is only a perceived withdrawal, c) Physical fatigue leads to spiritual fatigue.
  4. The Thirst of the Satisfied Soul – thirsts because He is satisfied and therefore craves more; satisfied in Christ, thirsty still!

“A constant thirsting of God is a sign of soul growth; a sense of His withdrawal is good spiritual discernment for God’s sanctifying work.”

“How good is God to make man’s end the happiness in God’s being happy in God” – Jonathan Edwards

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