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The Transcendence of the Gospel: Transforming Little into Big

July 10, 2009


Transcendence – the state of being beyond and outside of the ordinary range of human experience.

Paul David Tripp puts it this way in his new book, Quest for More:

“The bottom line: You were created to be part of something big.”

What Christian would ever argue that God is big, huge, massive, greater than what we can imagine? And what Christian would also deny that they pale in comparison to this BIG God, that they are small, tiny, and puny? But do you ever notice a common disconnect between the two? Sure they are polar opposites: small vs. BIG! But how are they related?

Whether you like the quote from Tripp or not, the point is, it’s true! Humans were not made for small things. We were not made to do little diddly things. Be born, play, grow up, start a family and career, retire, and start a rare seashell collection while travelling in a a motorhome across the country living off of roadside lemonades and old Quincy’s buffets!

No! We were made for HUGE, MASSIVE, WEIGHTY, OTHER, ETERNAL, ALIEN-LIKE purposes in this one life.  This is the story behind songs like Meant to Live by Switchfoot and Don’t Waste Your Life by Lecrae and John Piper’s book “Dont Waste Your Life”, which now has a huge movement behind it. These artists and authors are pleading with Christians and non-believers to live their life for real. To live and die for things that last. To treasure that which truly satisfies.

Enter: the Gospel!

The Gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ, the Holy and Righteous Son of God, came to die and live for sinners to make them clean and bring them before God. In other words, this BIG God who created everything, sent His Son to this little planet, to die for little puny worthless sinners (like you and me), and calls us to live and die for Him and His MASSIVE glory doing BIG, GIGANTIC things that will matter after we die. It is this Good News that transforms our nature and hearts from puny to BIG and our life from insignificant to ETERNALLY CRUCIAL.

This transformation is what I call the Transcendence of the Gospel.

The origin of this transformation is God. At the heart of this transformation is therefore an alien righteousness and power that is not our own; it does not come from within. The world says that man’s problem comes from without himself, outside of himself and therefore his answer lies within. He must find himself. God says, through the Gospel, that man’s problem lies within and therefore his answer or hope lies outside of himself; an alien or foreign solution. So the world’s idea of transcendence will be in stark contrast to God’s idea of it.

This is why people feel compelled to stand on the edge of a cliff at sunset in the middle of the Grand Canyon; to feel overwhelmed with the HUGENESS of it all. Or why men climb Mt. Everest to death-defying heights. Or why divers brave the deep caverns of the ocean blue. Or why a young teenager feels called to travel the world solo in his own sailboat, alone. Or why people jump on the latest social networking group like Twitter; to be a part of a MASSIVE online community of people rather obsessed with publicly displaying their every action by the second (i.e., “Just found my missing toilet paper, it’s used though, no worries”).

Why do we seek these things that are so BIG, BOLD, and GREATER than ourselves? It’s because, like Tripp says, we were made for something BIGGER. We were designed to live for GREATNESS. We were created to seek and display MIGHT.

The problem is we are trying to fulfill our desires for GRANDEUR in the wrong thing. The object of our affections is wrong. Our aim is a way skewed and misdirected.

This is where the Transcendence of the Gospel not only redeems but eradicates and replaces our targets of affections and hones them in on the one true aim that will give us the greatest grandeur our hearts can worship: Jesus Christ! He is the massive Son that our planets are to revolve around. He is the blazing center our hearts are to be set ablaze by.

In this age we live everyone seems to always breathe and move for more, more, give me more. But it’s the people who breathe and move for more of Jesus, more of Jesus, give me more of Jesus that will be satisfied and found worthy before God their creator. What treasure are you seeking? You can be sure that where your treasure is, that’s where you’ll find your heart. (Matthew 6:21; Luke 12:34)

Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

John 6:35 Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.

There is a promise we can bank on and place our full hope in. If we hunger and thirst for righteousness, namely for Jesus Himself, then we will be satisfied. Our hunger and thirst will be fulfilled. And if we come to Jesus, we will not hunger; if we believe in Jesus, we will not thirst.

Run to Jesus Christ the sinners’ Savior and find your lust for GRANDEUR in the GRATIFYING GRANDEUR OF HIS GLORY AND GRACE! Your little heart will explode with affections for this BIG God!

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