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Things I Have Learned Through the Passing of Pop

August 13, 2008

Pop 8/10/1922 – 8/9/2008

My wife’s grandfather, Pop, passed away early Saturday morning.  He was like a father to her for over 30 years. He highly valued hard work, family, an honest living, and good morals.  He lived in Baxley, Georgia’s Nuclear city where Plant Hatch Nuclear Power Plant is located. He worked for Georgia Power for a long time and earned a reputation there and around Baxley as being an honest, good, hardworking man. He indeed made a huge impact on his family and left a legacy of stories and love for his remaining loved ones; including his wife of 62 years, Gloria (Dandy).

It never ceases to amaze me how much God uses death, especially the death of close loved ones to teach us things about life, sin, and Himself. Here are some of those things:

  1. In urgent times, priorities have a way of automatically adjusting themselves to their proper positions.
  2. Death is a very gracious reminder from God of the end result of our sin, especially when it hits close to home.
  3. Always keep a sharp eye, a keen ear, and a discerning heart to man-centered language  so as to lovingly, humbly, and boldly replace it with God-centered language.
  4. Experience is most powerful in relating to others; but empathy is quite powerful too.
  5. Even when things appear to be chaotic and out of control, they are actually in order and under control through God’s already preordained plan of redemption.
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