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July 29, 2008

Just a few wonderful quotes I’ve been encouraged and convicted by recently:

  • “Wimpy world views make wimpy Christians. And wimpy Christians won’t survive the days ahead. Rootless emotionalism that treats Christianity like a therapeutic option will be swept away in the Last Days. Those who will be left standing will be those who have built their house on the rock of great, objective truth with Jesus Christ as the origin, center, and goal of it all.” – John Piper
  • “History is a conveyor belt of corpses because of Adam’s sin.” – John Piper
  • “Jesus was not an afterthought to the fall.” – John Piper, The Fatal Disobedience of Adam and the Triumphant Obedience of Christ in his series: Spectacular Sins and their Global Purpose in the Glory of Christ.
  • In response to the new trend of sharing spiritual things rather than preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, “…it still works [Christ crucified]…I preached propitiation and we grew by 800 people in one week, telling people that God hated them. Seeker insensitivity is as hot as ever I assure you of that.” – Mark Driscoll, 2008 Text & Context Conference

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