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The Supremacy of Christ over Biology!

April 29, 2008

Colossians 1:15-20

15 He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. 16 For by [6] him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. 17 And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together. 18 And he is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in everything he might be preeminent. 19 For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, 20 and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross.”

A dear friend of mine turned me on to the glorious and previously unseen truth of this crucial part of our bodies. It’s called: LAMININ. So what is Laminin?

“Laminin is the major non-collagenous component of the basal lamina, such as those on which cells of an epithelium sit. Basically, laminin is a protein found in the “extracellular matrix”, the sheets of protein that form the substrate of all internal organs also called the “basement membrane“….They are a family of glycoproteins that are an integral part of the structural scaffolding in almost every animal tissue…Laminin is vital to making sure overall body structures hold together. (wikipedia)

Okay so Laminin is important and crucial to holding together the structures of our tissue and cells. So what? So…here is what LAMININ, that thing that holds things together, looks like:

…A CROSS. Don’t tell me that’s coincidence. God is Sovereign and His Sovereignty is even found in the unseen parts of creation (And everything He does has purpose and meaning). Although this time, we can finally see it. And thank God we can, because all it does is point right back to the Creator: Jesus Christ!

That makes me think of Luke 19:40 where Jesus is riding into Jerusalem for the Passover Feast Celebration. Some of His disciples begin singing praises to Jesus, and the crowd rebukes them asking Jesus to silence them. Jesus’ typical classic style of response is: “He answered, ‘I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.'” In other words, “if my people are silent, even the very proteins would cry out with: Jesus is God, worship Him as King!”

Even biology preaches the Gospel, and testifies to the central defining feature in all of Creation: the cross of Jesus Christ!

Watch this cool video to see Louie Giglio talk of how Christ is Preeminent and Supreme over all things, including our bodies!

  1. alex permalink

    thanks this really comforms

    • Arch. marwan Salim Yafi permalink

      Go to Google search, & write Laminin, than choose images, & see the different images. You will find that Laminin is not as a cross but as a perfect human being in movement in the different positions.
      2. The cross in the star is true, but … you know what that lightning star is? It is a Hell of fire.
      3. Supremacy of Jesus on biology is a big lie. As it is all the call of churches. Go & study your New Testament, it is not & cannot be the real word of God. Compare the Christian Bible & the Jewish Bible…, I do not want you to go so far away in your search, making money, may be, is better for you! JUST see Genesis 1:2 in both Bibles & the answer of some Jesus’ first Disciples to Rabbi Saul, or St. Paul’s Acts 19:2, & compare, YOU WILL DISCOVER THAT THE saint spirit IS A Jewish LIE of “Antioch Jewish group directed by the assassin Saul”, a killer of 1st Christians is a bad choice by Jesus as His messenger, it cannot be. St Spirit as described does not exist with first real Jesus’ followers. You want the truth about your religion & Jesus go to this link ( Read the items you will find interesting ideas to your curiosity. Best wishes with your new search & the correction of your faith, it will be the true faith of Prophet Abraham, Moses … Jesus … & Muhammad. Peace unto Them all.
      4. A true faith is not based on lies, See Romans 3:5-3.
      Arch. Marwan Salim Yafi

      • Ben Davies permalink

        What an encouragement to know even more about how ALMIGHTY the risen Lord Jesus is – Ask and it shall be given you seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you. oh that the veil would be lifted from the Eyes of the world that the love of Jesus might shine abroad in their hearts

    • Jim permalink

      All you have to do with this “LIE” claim is look at the name of the person whom wrote it. He follows the “MOON GOD” – “ALLAH”…the god that comes out in the DARKNESS! Explain this Mr. Muslim; Why does the human eye have 144,000 light recpetors? have you ever stood and watched Apes turn into men? If Apes turned into Men, why are there still men? Get real dude……….

  2. Jesse permalink


  3. Vic Lobkov permalink

    I’m sorry I did get what reply are you talking about here, but I sure really loved this structure of laminin! I would love more and more mesages and info like this one if possible?

    Thank you,

  4. To suggest that the structure of a protein is proof of Christianity is both hilarious and delusional.

    • kelly permalink

      Eric, What do you consider the structure of a protein “proof of”? Also, I dont believe anyone in this world needs to prove ‘Christianity’ as I believe it is not at all about RELIGION but instead a creator GOD. I would like to chat more with you about your views if you would oblige. Have a great day!

      • Christianity isn’t as much about the religion than it is about the relationship…

    • GSC permalink

      Psalm 19
      1The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

      2Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.

      3There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.

      4Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.

      Romans 1
      19Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

      20For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:


  5. Alex: You’re welcome. It’s pretty amazing huh?

    Jesse: Yes it is awesome how God displays His glory and existence everywhere.

    Vic Lobkov: I will try and get more things like this posted very soon about how we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm139:114).

    Eric Lynch: I did not say that this protein structure is “proof” of Christianity, but said…

    “Even biology preaches the Gospel, and testifies to the central defining feature in all of Creation: the cross of Jesus Christ!” and “God is Sovereign and His Sovereignty is even found in the unseen parts of creation (And everything He does has purpose and meaning).”

    -So my point is not to argue that you can defend empirically from biology that God is real, but rather that just by seeing examples like this that point to a highly intelligent and glorious being who put these things in order. Indeed, whether this protein was shaped as a cross or the evolutionary chart of man, it wouldn’t matter. Either way, the best proof for the existence of God is to use your senses: see, hear, taste, touch, the reality of creation. I was just saying how it seems too convenient that a significant protein like Laminin happens to be shaped like a cross, the same shape to which the Creator God died for the sins of His people. Hmm, intersting.

    But I appreciate your kind comment calling it “both hilarious and delusional”. Thank you for such kind words.


  6. Keith Jackson permalink

    It’s amazing how those who believe in the LORD can see him everywhere & in everything. For people that don’t believe no proof would ever be sufficient. It only your eternity on the line. You future hangs in the balance. Jesus is real. One day we’ll all see him until then my faith & what I feel in my heart is proof enough for me.

    • AMEAM AMEN and AMEN.

      You are absolutely correct about that. That the people who believe in God can see HIM in everything.

      For the unbelievers, there IS proof but they refuse and are unwilling to see it which makes them spiritually blind which is worse than being legally or totally blind.

      I believe in the Creator God myself and I have NEVER seen anything materialize from nothing anywhere [except on TV whcih involves camera trickery]. Our pastor gave a GREAT talke about evolution this past Sunday[8/30/09] and you need to go to:
      click on Media and then click on BOTH of the sermons dated: 8/23/09 & 8/30/09 but I would be they will NOT even bother to listen to it which will prove my statement(s) above; “they refuse and are unwilling to see it.”. May God bless each and all of you (yes this included the unbelievers too)

  7. Dan Hovland permalink

    Christians should not expect those who don’t know Christ to embrace this message that excites us. As ICorinthians:18 says,”For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God”.

    I agree that it is awesome and confirming!


  8. Keith,

    You’re exactly right. Once God opens our eyes and ears to Himself and His Gospel, our minds notice Him and His truth everywhere we look. The lens over our eyes change and the filter on our ears get tuned and focused to Him. So when we see something and hear something about Him or pointing to Him, it stands out like a third eye! No one can take away a man’s experience, which is our greatest proof of the Gospel: the life we live in light of the Gospel. IF the world doesn’t see a changed life, they see no Jesus. If Jesus hasn’t changed us which shows up in how we now live, we have no hope of preaching the Gospel to them.

    Thanks Keith.

  9. Dan or Marlene (not sure),

    You’re right and I agree totally. There has to be a balance between understanding that they are spiritually blind and deaf to the Cross and to God, but also hoping that the Gospel will unblind their eyes and open their ears to see this truth. And that only happens through the Gospel (2 Cor 4:4-6). Expecting them to see it is wrong, but expecting God to do it to them is not. As long as we have God-centered expectations rooted in knowledge of His word and love for people, we’ll be legitimate in our expectations.

    You hit on a good thing though. I’ve always wondered why Christians get so mad at unbelievers for not getting it, for not understanding the Gospel. The reason they can’t is like the verse you stated, their nature prevents them from seeing the cross as truly what it is: the power and wisdom of God to save those who believe. Their nature makes them perceive the cross as what it is not: foolishness and insanity! So you’re right we can’t expect dead men in their sins to get these alive truths, but we can expect and ask God to give life to these dead and dry bones that they may live.

    Thanks for the correction and comment.

  10. Didn’t laminin exist before Christ died on the cross? So then how does this make any sense?

  11. Yes Laminin did exist before Christ died on the cross. You are exactly right. However (you knew that was coming didn’t you?), Christ also existed long before laminin did. Since Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, as man, and God has always existed because He is the beginning and the end, then God actually existed before Laminin because He created laminin. So therefore Jesus existed before laminin too. Jesus is not just a man that was born but was God born as a man in the flesh and now sits in heaven as God!

    Hope that makes sense.

    Thanks for the comment,

    • azeez Kingo permalink

      hello jondav or johnathan … i loved ur video so much

      would u like to chat ??

      • King_of_heaven,

        Thanks. It was not my video. Someone else made the video. I’d love to chat sometime about these things more. You can find me on gmail chat at “” or we can setup a live discussion on soon.

        Thanks and God bless.


    • In Genisis 1:26 God says, “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness. The Hebrew word translated “God” is Elohim which means “more than one being”. This verifies there was morre than one being when man was created. God and Jesus are one.

  12. james permalink

    I believe in my heart and confess wiht my mouth that JEsus is what the apostal paul wrote to the colosians when he said, all things were made b him and for him…..that is enough for me to acknowledge his greatness

  13. helen permalink

    hey, i’m watching the Louie Giglio dvd at the moment and found this while searching for laminin. all I can say is that it brings me to my knees!!

  14. Rick Clifton permalink

    God touched my life and I gave myself to Him in Dec.21th, 2003. And my life has never been the same since. On August 28th, 2008 I suffered a Heart attach, but I wasn’t affraid. On the day of my heart attach I was getting ready for work it was about 1:00 pm. I needed to be at work at 1:45 so I left a little early to drop off somethings at Church before I went to work. At the time I didn’t know what was about to happen but God did! When I left I started to fell real tired so I took a viteium before walking out the door. When I got to the Church it felt like heart burn from the viteium so I went in to get something to drink and that’s when it happen. I was found on the floor of my Church by a guy who was just stopping by to get some paper work. Who then ran next door to the E.M.S Station. WOW!does God know what He is doing or what!. After I was treated and had stints put in my heart. The Doctor told my wife that things couldn’t have been more perfect on how thing happened with me. By being lead to the Church, being found, being treated by EMS, and then transported to the hopstital, so the Doctor’s could treat me. Took minutes instead of hours. And if I had stayed home I would not be here today because I would been home alone. Praise God! I love you Father!!!

    Rick Clifton

  15. Sonya Dales permalink

    Wow…. What an amazing Lord Jesus we have, to think we are held together physically through him…We are really blessed in this age to see this glourious sign. I always knew the Lord was deep within my heart but now I can truly see he is always with me, and in me especially in the laminin. When times are tough the Lord places on my heart that “it is he that hath made us and not we ourselves, we are his people”… I guess hearing this and watching this video has really opened my eyes to truly wait on the Lord to renew my strength. I watched this movie and couldnt stop the tears from flowing my life hasnt been a smooth sailing trip but a stormy tossed sea sometimes a calm but never long, there is always a storm, and I have been just holding on to the one and only my Lord Jesus Christ. I cannot love him enough and to know he is physically in me has given me much strength more than anyone will ever know. I know in my heart I am going to one day see my Lord Jesus. I love the Almighty and thank the Lord that you have been blessed to show us this sign.

    Thank you and may the dear Lord richly bless you in everyway if I dont see you on this earth my brother I’ll see you in heaven.

    The old rugged cross, never dies, never fails, and never grows old.

    Love youre sister in the Lord

  16. Le Ann Wimmer permalink

    Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
    This is so awesome. I put it at the top. I have worked in the medical field for 19 yrs.. The last ten years of this time has been spent in Labor and Delivery.
    I help doctors deliver babies. I scrub c-sections and assist with vaginal deliveries. I see the inside of the body daily and it never ceases to amaze me. The inside of the body is like a small universe. We contain minerals from the ground as well as elements. This is not by accident. I encourage you to research it some more. It will truly amaze you. Look up the Neocortex Brain. We all have one. This will also blow your mind. In Christ!! Le Ann Wimmer

  17. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!!!!

  18. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!!!!!!! That Is Truly Amazing!!! I Believe God Is Sending Us A Message Saying Im Here And Im Holding You Together!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ron Travisano permalink

    God is good…. all the time. I am ever blown away by His ways and His creation. Therefore it makes all the sense to find out that Jesus cross would be the structure for the glue that holds us together. Selah

  20. Shelli permalink

    I saw the video of the entire service with Louie Giglo. “How Great Is Our GOD” at my church (Harvest Church) in Sacramento, CA. Can I tell you I couldn’t stop crying. The only thing I can say is that GOD is amazing!!! His creations are exactly what he wants them to be. For his purpose… Shelli

  21. Samuel permalink

    If I believed that Leonardo Da Vinci was the Son of God sent to earth to save men’s souls, I could just as easily use his drawing of the human anatomy as a beyond coincidence proof of his divinity.

    It’s ironic how Christians use science when it is convenient — and uphold its accuracy in discerning truth — but then, when it isn’t convenient, as in evolution, dinosaurs, and so on, drop it and say, “We don’t need proof.”

    Don’t use science to prove what doesn’t need proof, then. Believe you are going to heaven through faith. Leave logic and empiricism to those of us who aren’t so arrogant as YOU who believe YOU know what God wants just because YOU read a book that said, “This is what God wants” — and YOU believed it.

  22. Corey permalink

    Ironic is one word for it indeed. Arrogant is another good one. I would have left a remark, but Samuel seemed to sum it up well.

    So instead, lets look at even the name of this post. the supremacy of christ of over biology. To be superior over biology. However (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?) biology is something that is around us all of the time. if it wasn’t, everytime that you had a headache, instead of taking that asprin, ibuprophin, percocet (etc. etc. etc.) that sits on your night-side table, you would pray. and maybe you do pray, but i’m sure that it is coupled with a biological drug of some sort.

    don’t have headaches? easy, insert ailment for headache and insert other drug for asprin.

    maybe your faith has already been replaced with reason…

  23. margaret permalink

    Religion is a confidence scheme played by manipulative people to enrich themselves through the voluntary contributions of the convinced. When spirituality is crossed with politics the result is religion. Every heartfelt belief, every article of faith, every sense of knowing, every sense of awakening, every insight, every sense of belonging, and every committment to a path are shared by those who do not share your beliefs or have faith in the same things. Universal concepts and heroic stories of saviors, born under a star in the East, on the 25th of December, visited by three kings or wise men, death and resurrection are shared by many beliefs throughout history. There is nothing unique about the Christian explanation for creation and mortality. The story has been told a thousand different ways across many cultures each with its own unique twists that conform to a particular society. A sense of exclusive knowledge, (an emotion,) is centered in the ego, but does not exist in external realities. Unique to religion is that the participants are actively helping the con man con them, because it is their duty. The most suceptible to this type of manipulation are those who have lost everything, the young, and the highly impressionable. Since teachings are local rather than universal it proves cultural biases that are man-made.

  24. margaret permalink

    Why does the Bible not mention dinosaurs and germs?

    It was written by man at a time when knowledge of both did not exist. A god who created everything would have known that they existed whether man had discovered them or not.

  25. Corey,

    Thanks for stopping by and being honest. Why would you say this is “arrogant”?

    I’m glad you and Samuel agree, however Samuel uses some faulty analogies. For example, he compares Jesus Christ to Leonardo Da Vinci. Leonardo Da Vinci doesn’t have thousands of years of writings, many of which have been proven true by scholars, historians, and prophecies long ago; Da Vinci doesn’t have a band of followers ready to live and die for him; he was an artist, Jesus was a teacher; and if Da Vinci was the “son of God”, you could use his human anatomy as proof to his divinity, you’re right on that one.

    But these are 2 different men. No one is even comparable to Jesus Christ and His influence on History!

    Plus Samuel says how Christians “use science when its convenient and drop it when its not”. Is that a problem. Don’t scientists do the same thing? They accept certain theories on the assumed foundation that evolution is “obviously true” and reject/drop any science that doesn’t prove convenient to that assumed foundation of evolution? Sure they do. But that is all assuming that evolution (or rather macro evolution) is even science afterall.

    So yes I admit to this. I “use” what we learn from science to further prove what has always been true. Science is just evidence of things that have always been there. So when I see laminin, I don’t say “ooh I can use this to prove God”. No! Rather I say “ooh, more proof to the always and already existence of what has always been true and existing, God!”

    There’s a difference.

    And Samuel finally says “don’t use science to prove what doesn’t need proof”. Amen! I agree. Christians don’t “need” science to prove anything to anybody. The one whose job involves proving truth to others is the Holy Spirit, and He does a perfectly find job of that. He doesn’t need science to help Him.

    Science only reveals and unveils what has already been, what was already there. It doesn’t necessarily unveil “new things”. Although we learn new things that we have never known before through science. But overall, science is just a means to see and observe things that have always been.

    Science doesn’t “discover anything new”, it rediscovers what is old in new ways.


    Thanks for using my style man, that’s hilarious. Like when you say “however (you knew that was coming didn’t you?)”. No matter what you believe about God, Corey, you have to at least agree on what the word “GOD” means. It means a superior, supreme, infinite being. Something that is bigger than us. A higher power and entity. So no matter what anyone believes about God, we should all agree on the basic definition of the word God. If we can, then we should also assume that out of that definition come obvious implications of this “supremacy or superiority”, like: over life, biology, art, culture, science, media, entertainment, philosophy, psychology, sociology, religion, etc. By definition, a superior being must be, well, superior. Its simple really.

    So based on that understanding of God, and what I have learned from the Bible, I am confident that God is superior over science. Science only exists because God was gracious enough to allow man to learn about His creation. Which I might add often allowing men who hate Him and use their findings in science to try and disprove Him. He still gives grace and wisdom to those who hate Him. That’s a supremely loving God, don’t you think?

    Corey, I’m not against science or biology. In fact they have been very helpful in helping us understand many aspects of life, organic beings, how humans function, and how the life cycle works. But all of that information and knowledge has to have some origin. And the two views I see are the knowledge either came from our great ancestors, the rocks, or from our great creator God!

    I can’t convince you with my words, just His Word and the change He has enacted in me. I appreciate your comments and feel free to keep this going. Thanks and God bless.


  26. Margaret,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Wow, sounds like you got it all figured out. I guess your quote doesn’t fall under the category of “exclusive knowledge centered in the ego” though does it? How convenient.

    I’d like to take a guess and say you have been burned by a false version of Christianity/religion for a long time by some hypocrites. But the best thing for you and any person (including myself) to do is to actually read the Bible, and see for ourselves what its claims are before we try and lump every religion into a “they’re all the same” category.

    And when you say “exclusive knowledge ,(an emotion,) is centered in the ego, but does not exist in external realities”, do you mean that exclusive knowledge or truth that is true on its own does not exist outside of oneself but inside? If so, I would warn you that you are dangerously mistaken.

    Margaret, if you leave exclusive knowledge or truth period left to exist in its truest and purest state WITHIN the person themself, then you are left not only in a state of chaos and disorder, but with an inconsistent illogical statement leading to an inconsistent illogical and therefore impossible world to exist in.

    There is no such thing as relative individualistic truth. And I say that absolutely. Here’s a quote to chew on:

    “Let me suggest to you something, just when you think about the logic of the Cross. If I could make something tangible here about how this impacts the Gospel, let me suggest this: Most Americans believe that what their problem is, is something that has happened to them; and their solution is going to be found within. In other words they believe that they have an alien problem that is to be resolved with an inner solution; when the Gospel says that what we have is an inner problem and the only solution is an alien righteousness.” – Albert Mohler.

    You see our origin must be right. We must start at the right place. Truth will not and cannot be found within; it always lies outside of ourselves in something greater and bigger than ourselves.

    This is why Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life, noone comes to the Father unless they come by me” (John 14:6).


  27. Margaret,

    Concerning your question on dinosaurs and germs, good question. Very good question.

    My answer: I don’t know! My guess is that for some reason God did not want them in there for His own reason. However, the word dinosaur was not even termed until the early 1800’s, and before then people generally called them “lizards” or “dragons”. Those words are both in the bible. Especially in Job where it talks about the Leviathan. Also, I don’t know why germs is not listed but diseases and pestilences are several times. Also there are times where God tells men to wash/rid their hands of impurities and uncleanness after sinning or to prevent contamination.

    But my main reason is focused on what isn’t there, but what is. If we can only get a grip on what is there, we’ll see a world of truth and relevance for our time. Thanks for the question. Makes me think too.


  28. Corey permalink

    you have a wonderful way with words. I appreciate your feedback. Often I find quite the opposite, a more defensive much less educated view. You are probably right in assuming that there is no way that I will understand what you are talking about. My only point this time is that sometimes the easiest solution to any given problem quite often the correct answer. Such as, which is easier to believe: that nature creates and evolves around itself to keep going on or that a supreme being controls every single thing that happens in everyday life and is a rock for every single person?

    ask yourself in a non-biased fashion please.

  29. Corey,

    I appreciate your kind words but I don’t deserve any compliments you offer. I am just trying to loving engage others and address their responses honestly. If I don’t know, then I don’t know. I’ll certainly try to discover it though.

    You Said: “My only point this time is that sometimes the easiest solution to any given problem quite often the correct answer. Such as, which is easier to believe: that nature creates and evolves around itself to keep going on or that a supreme being controls every single thing that happens in everyday life and is a rock for every single person?”

    I guess you are assuming that the easiest solution here is that nature created itself? Is that what you want me to admit? I can’t do that. Its absurd, to me, to believe that. I respect your answer and belief very much, but I must respectfully disagree Corey. How is it easier to believe that something created itself out of nothing? That seems the opposite of logical and easy. That seems illogical and frankly utterly impossible. It doesn’t to you?

    Its easier for me to believe that there is a being, God, who made all things. And He is Ruler of this world. That doesn’t mean we are robots or puppets, but that He is King and we are either obedient or disobedient subjects of Him.

    And as far as God (supreme being) being “a rock for every single person”. I never said or implied that. I don’t believe God is a rock for every person, only those to whom He reveals Himself to. Those who have truly had their eyes opened to see the truth and see Him as He really is.

    That’s what being a Christian means: you have had your eyes opened by God to now see clearly who you are, who He is, and what He has done! And our faith in that new sight or perception is what saves us from God’s Wrath against our rebellion towards Him. He lovingly becomes a man, comes down to die for those who would believe, trust, and treasure Him, and to save sinners from Hell and death and sin and His wrath.

    So He is not a rock to all. I am not so blind to believe that.

    Again, thanks for the reply.

    Mind me asking you two questions:
    1) What do you believe about life, God, and the afterlife?

    2) What have been your experiences with Christians and Christianity?

    Thanks Corey,


  30. Corey permalink

    I’ll answer the first question this time, because i don’t have much time for the second one. But what do you believe happens to animals after they die? Aren’t we (on a biological standpoint) quite similar to, say, a dog? As far as I know, there is no heaven for a dog. I love my dog, but she will die and there will be nothing for her. No afterlife, no blackness, just nothing. She will just end. Even you can believe that with me. Now what I believe is that we are destined for the same thing. It’s hard for me to believe myself, being raised a christian. But I realize that.

    I think that life for us is not unlike that of any other animal on a very basic view. Sure we have a very great gift to be humans, however if you walk out in front of a bus or fall off of a building, you will be done just as fast as any other animal.

    I have no belief in a god or supreme being. First off, to create something out of nothing, there has to be a something. you say it’s a god, I say it’s another phenomenon. I think it’s always nice to feel like you have someone in your corner to go to when you are down. And that is the rock you talk about.

    We can continue if you would like tomorrow.

  31. kim permalink

    wow Jon i am really encouraged by your responses and i hope i could talk to others in a loving, understandable way as well! Its funny how everything is foolishness to others, but the power of God for Christians- such as the laminin structure…and that they can only see when He opens their eyes.

  32. Corey,

    Thanks for being willing to converse. So what about that second question?

    To answer yours, first of all concerning animals: I am not sure. To me, it really doesn’t hold much weight what happens to animals when they die because they are not capable, like humans, of belief or intelligent creative thought in the realm of spirituality. However, I do believe that God often uses all of His creation to talk to us: like Moses and the burning bush, Balaam’s donkey, etc.

    How are we similar to a dog biologically? I mean yeah we both have similar organs, breathe oxygen, maybe even similar DNA. But dogs and humans have plenty of differences that set them apart, chiefly their brain capacities.

    Like you said, “as far as I know there is no heaven for a dog”. Its hard to speak of something that we are so unsure of. So as far as what I know from the Bible, I am unsure. I know God talks of creating a new heaven and a new earth one day for His children. And my guess is that He’ll have plenty of animals and plant life living there just like He did in the Garden of Eden.

    But you are using your assumptions that dogs are like humans, there is no heaven for dogs, and dogs just die with nothing left to prove that therefore humans have no afterlife too. That’s faulty logic Corey. Where do you base your belief on? Where do you get your information from that “we are destined for the same thing”.

    Sure one thing every living being has in common is DEATH. All creatures eventually die. But the promise we have from God is that His children will be raised back to life (resurrected) to everlasting life with Him and those who hate God will be raised to everlasting death and destruction apart from His grace in Hell. Just because we all die doesn’t prove that somehow therefore we all will turn to dust and that’s it.

    Why don’t you have a belief in God or a supreme being? I would respectfully challenge you on that? You’re right, “to create something out of nothing, there has to be something”. I agree, that was my point. What other “phenomenon” could this be? If that’s what you believe, where did you discover this phenomenon or learn of it? Are you sure you are not just refusing to believe in a supreme being because you have had a bad taste in your mouth of Christianity or you feel your family/friends/church may have shoved some things down your throat?

    Are you positive you are not just covering up the convictions you may have that God does exist because it makes you feel uncomfortable or even convicted that you may have a higher authority to submit and answer to? Corey, not trying to offend you just challenge your thoughts and beliefs.

    The rock I talk of is not just “someone in my corner to go to when I am down”, although Jesus Christ does act as my substitute and friend. He is my Father, my Savior, and my Treasure that I depend on for all of life.

    Love to continue this.

    I challenge you to read Romans chapter 1 and tell me what you think.


  33. Kim,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments. Praise God that He has enabled me to speak kindly to others. My flesh wants me to lash out arrogantly but I know that Jesus would want me to speak lovingly and humbly to others. And it is strangely “funny” in a non-hilarious way that the Cross of Christ appears in two ways: foolishness to the perishing and power of God to the saved. And you said it: people can only see the TRUTH when God reveals it to them. People often see sniplets of truth, but clouded and darkened by their own blindness due to their sin, Satan, and God. But when God grants spiritual sight and hearing, then the sinner can finally see and hear the TRUTH: Jesus Christ is God, He died for my sins, He took the wrath of God that I deserved, and took what I deserved and gave me what He deserved. That’s a great and mighty and gracious God.


  34. The micron photograph shows to wiggly strings of proteins stuck together. The artists (therefore drawn by man) have straightened out those strings to make them look like a Christian Cross. Ok…let’s say it is a cross, for the sake of a religious argment. How can you accept a part of biology proven using scientific methods of research and discover, and then turn around and reject evolution, another discover of biology using scientific methods and research? HYPOCRISY.

  35. Paula Bossard permalink

    wow what an awesome God we serve.
    Wonder how the evolutionists explain this?
    Thank you for this, it is a good tool for witnissing.
    God bless, Paulina Bossard

  36. Richard Parker permalink

    “Don’t tell me this is coincidence.” Does that mean you’re unappologetically closed minded to any other take on this? Fine. I won’t tell you this is coincidence but I have a few questions from one Christian to another:

    Did you know that there are thousands of different proteins in our bodies each ONE of which is absolutely vital for us to live?

    Did you know that for each of these thousands of proteins it’s the actual SHAPE of the macromolecule (not the chemical properties of the atoms that compose it) that primarily gives it it’s function?

    That being said, did you know that each of these proteins is precisely shaped to carry out it’s vital function (usually just as vital or more so than laminin) and yet are not shaped like crosses?

    Isn’t it just a little convenient that the four-armed configuration of laminin happens to be perfect for allowing it to bind to a cell and also to three other structures in the extra-cellular matrix?

    Isn’t also convenient that the cross is the perfect shape to tie or nail down a person’s arms out to the side and their legs straight down? (By the way, I won’t tell you that it’s coincidence that the cross is shaped like the table we use today to tie people down to give them lethal injection. It’s not coincidence, as they were both designed to fasten a person stretched out and immobile.)

    If you only had the microgram picture of actual laminin (in which it hardly resembles a cross at all except that it has four appendeges) and not the simplified diagram, would this article and others like it have even been written?

    The Romans had other means of executing people. If they had employed a different method to execute Jesus, do you suggest that God would have designed laminin to have the shape of the applicable device (and to also design all the rules of biological science differently so that they would work with differently-shaped laminin)?

  37. Steve permalink

    Hee Hee, I love it when people argue for and against God, Jesus, creation and evolution. Devoted Christ-follower or not, no one will EVER unmask the full mystery. Are we that arrogant to think that we will? Even scientists who have devoted their lives to strenuous research are discarding theories and ideas they once thought true, while discovering new one’s. Only in the direct presence of God, himself, will we ever know what He has done and how He did it. But then that is where faith comes in. Jesus said to believe in Him, will we choose to, or choose not to? We each have the choice and a life-time to make it. However, nearly every older person will tell of how quickly life has passed them by. I really wonder how a decision to follow Christ is so difficult for some to make. Do we really have anything to lose my believing, other than losing a little arrogance (selfishness) and bad behavior (sin)? I don’t mind giving that up for the assurance that I may go to a perfect place one day. And if it’s some wierd lie and I don’t go to Heaven, I’m no worse for the wear. in fact, I’m probably a better person and in less trouble than I would have been in had I not decided to believe and become more like Christ. And before some of you rant, I’m not saying I’m perfect now, nor will be anytime in the future. Nor are people that don’t believe in Jesus, not good people. What I am saying is that believing in Christ and striving to become more like Him has greatly enhanced my life, and according to what He said, the only way to Heaven is by believing in Him. I’ll take that hands down any day. Forget any religious ceremony crap that we people have created over the centuries. Simply do the open-hearted research and look to develop a relationship with Him, as you would any person on this planet. You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it.

    And as for the dinosaur thing… don’t forget to include giants, angels that walked the earth and how men lived 900+ years. It’s all got to be grouped in there – the pre-flood/ice age stuff. Hundred’s of years, thousand’s of years, million’s of years, what’s the difference?

  38. We just learned about Laminin in church on Sunday. I came home and googled it and found this message on You Tube. How awesome! Thank you so much for posting this! I have shared it with several as well. This is God’s love for us in the flesh!

  39. Ala permalink

    How many prophet the God sent to us? And why bible is different in every part of word? People delete something , and write something that they like. My friend founded very old bible in her grand grand mother home in village, reading she was surprise that they was write that it sin to eat pork meat. Why nowadayds we do not read it? Becouse of good business from pork meat?

  40. Lisa permalink

    He is an awesome God and you are an awesome speaker!!!!!Thank you for sharing your experience and doing it with such a love for Christ…. Lisa

  41. Rachel Ellis permalink

    Steve: not sure where you’re going with the giants, angels, etc–they are all mentioned in the bible, they just aren’t explained in great detail. On the subject of Christians rejecting science that disproves God–there isn’t any. Evolution doesn’t disprove God. In fact, macroevolution (apes became humans, etc) not only has not been proven, there is more evidence against it than for it. Macroevolution defies many scientific laws. On the other hand, science has only served to prove that the Bible was right about many different subjects. I’ve found that it’s much easier to believe in Christ than in evolution.
    (By the way, Corey: I’ve never found medicine to make my headaches go away, but pray can definitely help).

  42. Zach permalink

    I believe in God and I love God and everything but this is just stupid.

  43. Belle permalink

    Wow, this is amazing.
    God is truely all powerful, LIVING GOd.
    Now, how scientific is that, or Religious is that?

  44. Michael Douglas permalink

    You all realize it’s a line with another line on top of it don’t you. There are some extremely complex things in biology, but yet two lines crossed can’t be a coincidence it’s gods doing? God created our brains so we can use them……

    • Michael Douglas,

      Yes you are right, it is a line on top of another. True. I never meant to imply that the shape of laminin under a microscope was definitely for sure 100% designed that way by God to show a cross to represent Christ. All I meant was that it seems too “coincidental” that the shape of the chromosome that holds things together “happens” to be shaped like a Cross. When Colossians 1 in the bible says that Christ holds all things together. I was making a comparison attempting to point to the power and significance and all-reaching effect of the cross in God’s creation.

      Michael, is it not possible? How do you know it is just science or biology?

      Thanks for the compliment, but how do you know I have a brain? 😉

  45. Brains permalink

    we truly serve a living God. WOW

    we can only imagine the power and the glory.

    • Brains,

      Yes we do. We do indeed. If God designed this laminin to appear this way under a microscope, oh how marvelous are the stretching implications and display of God’s majesty, even in biology and science and the natural world He created.

      thanks for stopping by.

  46. MARC permalink

    Well, I believe, this is only a little but amazing example of how great, and unexpected inconceivable our Lord is. Coincidence? I learned in my life, there are no coincidences, just as also the creation was not, we are not coincidence. To argue about with an unbeliever makes so much sense as with a blind over the colours of a rainbow.
    So many take the bible as a book of the history of the earth, it isn’t. But it is the story of men separating himself from God, and God trying to get us back to his heart, while satan does everything to prevent this. Who will win this fight? Jesus won it already, for many of us!

    • Marc,

      Amen sir. You are right. No such thing as coincidences. God has created and ordained all things. And thank Him for winning the victory for us against sin, death, hell and the grave!

      thanks for stopping by.

  47. ERNEST MOSES permalink

    Praise God He is every where

    • Ernest Moses,

      Amen sir. He is. Even where we don’t expect Him. He is so much bigger than we’ll ever imagine Him to be!

      thanks for stopping by!

  48. jessica bel permalink

    These comments have been insightful. Most of them are focusing on trying to prove God, not needing to prove God, hypocrisy, and accusations of lunacy.
    I just want to set the record strait for Christians.
    Being a Christian doesn’t mean that one rejects the thoeries of evolution. After all, God did make man from dust. But we all must be logical. Evolution is a theory. Science is not as reliable as some want to think. It is created my man. Man constantly make mistakes.
    Studies CAN support things, though. Evolution or Christianity.
    But here is what interestd me. So can the bible!
    What book on this earth is written by such a wide range of people and over such a vast period of time and yet so perfectly cohesive. And I am convinced so far that there are no contradictins in the bible (every so called contridiction brought to my knowlegde thus far has really been a mistake on the readers part resulting from scripture taken out of context, often times I was the reader and I was mistaken)
    I also want to address the misconception that because God did not inform man of all the things He has made He must not know all things. This is not a cogent argument. It’s saying that God doesn’t know it cuz he didn’t say it and since you can’t prove me wrong I’m right.
    Layed out more plainly, it’s obvious that such statements are not cogent.
    However, God has said many mysterious. Some of them science has shed light on.
    Here is some crazy stuff that you might not know that the bible contains.
    27When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth
    A compass? On the face of the ocean?
    Tectonics! The earth is magnetised and it has shifting tectonic plates that form mountain. These clefts/ mountains and volcanoes in the oceans are also mention in the bible.
    Now, these underwater mountains and clefts are in the deapest part of the ocean and were not discovered until lang after these books were written. The magnetism was discovered in the 17, maybe 18th century, don’t recall.
    But there’s more to it, yes the verse is vague.
    Scientists use the magnetism of the midridges (mountains in the deepest part of the ocean where major plates collide) to date continental drifting (another theory, this one supported extremely well).
    They were studying and found a strange pattern that signified one of to things, a rapid shift in the polarity of the earth, or a complete stop in the rotation of the earth. Both seeminly impossible. One supported. By what? You guessed it, the bible. The bible states that God made the day or the noght stop ( can’t remember which one) and for the length of time that scripture says that the earth stopped rotating, or in mans eye, time stopped progressing, scientists calculated the exact number of hours. At first it was off, but, another amazing thing, they eventually realized that they were going by todays 24 hour clock, not the Hebrew schedule. That solve the miscalculation.
    All this was said simply to make a statement that God withholds many mysteries from us. Many things we may never know, yet all along it was right there in the book. But there was just no way for us to comprehend.
    There is no way for me to understand how God has always been and how I will now always be along side Him. Accept that you won’t understand it all and quite using the excuse hat you don’t understand as a reason not to believe.
    Jude 1:10
    “But these men revile the things which they do not understand; and the things which they know by instinct, like unreasoning animals, by these things they are destroyed.”

    Don’t think your doing it? Look at this.
    A former reply:
    “But what do you believe happens to animals after they die? Aren’t we (on a biological standpoint) quite similar to, say, a dog? As far as I know, there is no heaven for a dog. I love my dog, but she will die and there will be nothing for her. No afterlife, no blackness, just nothing. She will just end. Even you can believe that with me.”
    First of all, note ” as far as I know.”
    Now note that the conclusion “there will be nothing for her” came directly from not know.
    How does that work?
    She may not just end. I cannopt believe that with you.
    I do have reason to believe otherwise though.
    19For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.
    Romans eight, the last person that responed to this recommended reading this chapter, they were refering most definitely to these few verses.
    20For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, 21Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. 22For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. 23And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body. 24For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?25But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.

    • Jessica Bel,

      Very good points.

      However on your point of evolution and Christianity: they are not compatible at all. Both are stances built solely on faith. Evolution is a humanistic philosophy, not necessarily based on but fueled and rediscovered by Charles Darwin in his book “Origin of Species”. Just the title lets you know that he was attempting to set forth a theory that explained where all species began.

      His asserstions have led to a much greater demise in life origin philosophy today. Evolution now, macro evolution that is, has sought to destroy and leave out any trace of the possibility that a Holy God created all things and all things are called to worship and glorify Him.

      And you are right, studies can prove things. I think some “Christians” go too far to disprove all things similar to evolution as false and evil. Evolution and/or science has revealed many things that are true and good that show us much about creation. However it has also done a lot of destruction and damage to kids too. But good science that is honest and acts as science is inteded to act, hypothetically until PROVEN otherwise, can definitly support Christianity and not be hostile to it.

      And I agree with you that logic is what we need more of. But you can try logic all day long on an unbeliever or stonch Darwinian evolutionist and may even convince them of truth or reveal their own inconsistent beliefs. But ultimately what everyone needs is a confrontation with the Gospel of God, Jesus Christ Himself.

      That is the answer all men need. Not better textbooks, prayer in schools, abstinence programs, Christian politicians, praying presidents, or moments of silence but the Gospel! It is the power of God to save those who believe (Romans 1:16).

      thanks for stopping by Jessica!

  49. K.C. permalink

    WOW. I think this is truly the COOLEST case for the Creator ever! I mean, I’m only 12 and I think that God created Laminin when He created the world, because He knew that Jesus would die on the cross and that few would beleive in Him, and so that now, in this era, we would look through our relatively new technology- the microscope- and see what an AWSOME GOD He really is.

    • K.C.,

      Thanks for stopping by buddy. Yes it is a cool case for the Creator. However it doesn’t necessarily prove the existence of a creator. It does show the intricacies and mystery with which God created all things though.

      Wow K.C., interesting theory. You may be right. Keep that mind sharp and thinking huge because God has designed all things for His glory and to display the worth of His Son Jesus Christ. He can use and has used whatever He wants to do that. Whether it’s through the toenails of an anteater, the spiny back of a porcupine, or the warm pouch of a Kangaroo. God displays Himself and His goodness in all things. We just need to keep a keen eye on creation so we won’t miss it.

      Read Romans 8 on how all of Creation groans for the revealing of the sons of God. All creation waits eagerly for God’s return in Christ!

      thanks K.C.!

  50. K.C. permalink

    Hey, me again. Anyway, Corey, I believe that in the bible it says that, “In God nothing good will fade away.” so that means that things like, people who believe in God and who are truly sorry for their sins, and the animals that they love will exist for eternity after this Earth is gone.

    • K.C.,

      It’s possible K.C, but not necessarily. I do think that God will have his creatures established in Heaven or on the new earth He creates. But can we know for sure. Let’s search it out in scripture. You make a good point though, keep thinking.

      thanks again!

  51. morris gunday permalink

    i am truly blessed by what i’ve seen.GOD is REALLY EVERYWHERE! I also encourage everyone to watch the videos where Louie Giglio talks about amazing things.GOD IS GREAT!


    • Morris Gunday,

      Amen, me too man. I have truly blessed by BIG thinking like this. Thinking that says God is huge and can display Himself throughout all of His creation from the tiniest microorganism to the rays of the largest star and sun in the universe. He is everywhere!

      thanks for stopping by!

  52. It is provocative…

    Some here are bringing up evolution as if it’s an effective defense. Evolution is an ambiguous term, it means many things in many contexts. However, biological evolution has only been observed in tiny changes; which in the last 150 years or so of observation, cannot be indicative of evidence for common descent theory. It is ironic that proponents for evolution rarely seem to understand the difference between scientific philosophy and empiricism. Also, science would never attempt to prove anything, so long as there is sufficient testability for any hypotheses it would be taboo to discredit any hypothesis. Since human origins is untestable, unobservable and highly subjective it becomes no surprise science would start from a materialistic philosophy. Biological evolution needn’t come off the ground, because it has no basis in logical philosophy. A book has never written itself (oh my, did I utter an absolute?). Biological evolution is a poor choice when we have enough observable evidence to further our beliefs and you have erroneous thought and logical fallacies.

    If you believe in any type of common descent hypothesis, you have been lied to; so is it better to be a sheep with a shepherd, or sheep without shepherd?

    • Greendays,

      Yes indeed provocative.

      But remember that why most people cling to evolution as a common descent theory to explain the orgin of, well, all of life is because they cannot reckon with the reality that a supreme being, namely God, created all things. Because then that means that they must reckon with or do something with this being. And if they are a evolutionist who is open to these things and believes in some higher power, chances are they still see no need to worship or fear Him out of reverent love.

      That’s key: the difference b/t scientific philosophy and empiricism. It seems clear that Evolution, Macro evolution for that matter, is indeed a philosophy built mostly on assumptions and faith, rather than empirical data. Sure, many and most things of our origins are untestable. I think that’s because God wants to and has most clearly and divinely revealed Himself and His existent reality through one means: Jesus Christ and His Cross! Man must reckon with Him to even see God truly!

      thanks for your good thoughts and for stopping by.

  53. nikki permalink

    To all the people that have been hurt by religion or by people who call themselves “Christians”, I am so so sorry.
    As a christian I know I am not perfect and never pretend to be. I am not a huge fan of “religion” but I choose to follow Christ’s teaching in the way I live MY life and make MY decisions. There are people out there who may or may not be well meaning and have tried to make you feel of lesser worth or value if you don’t do or believe what they do. They are the one’s who have gone against what Christ proclaims. If someone is a Christian it is certainly not because of what they have or haven’t done, it is because of the Grace of God, that is what sets us apart from every other religion- we can’t do anything to gain acceptance or entrance into heaven, no amount of good deeds will be enough. It is in the knowledge that we CAN’T do anything, where we find grace and forgiveness and find ourselves entering heaven because of what Christ has done, NOT anything we have. And as a result, i am not a hypocrite. as I do not say I can do it alone, I freely admit to needing a crutch to get me through this life. And thanks to my weakness i can honestly say I love life and feel that my life is purposeful. I have HOPE.
    Please do not judge Christianity on the few loud mouthed idiots that you have encountered in your life.

    • Nikki,

      Thanks for slowing us down in this comment reel to a reality of love and acceptance. You are right, many “Christians” and those who call themselves Christians have screamed judgment and hypocrisy. Jesus would be shamed at how some of these people represent Him. I agree.

      However how do we know that some of the people in this world who don’t believe haven’t been turned off by the division and offense of the Cross, of the Gospel? Sure I’ll be the first to admit that many true and professing Christians have been all out jerks! The truth must be spoken in love says Romans. But how many of these people have been offended not by jerks but by conviction of their own sin, knowing that God is Holy and that they are in trouble? I wonder.

      Yes we should apologize for being jerks and ask for forgiveness from these people we have offended. I ask for that too and say I’m sorry.

      We should be pointing them to Jesus Christ. And the way they will see Him is by seeing how we live. That’s what’s scary.

      However in your honesty, do you honestly think of Jesus in your life as a “crutch”? I hope not. He is not a crutch to lean on as if He is just this next new thing that we’re trying out for a while because beer and drugs and sex didn’t quite satisfy.

      I mean Jesus Christ is God! He is all things! He is not a crutch. I don’t mean to pick apart your words but just wonder what you mean by that. If He is a crutch to you, maybe you should reexamine your relationship with Him. He should be your all-satisfying Lord, Savior, King, God and treasure! Nothing is more valuable to you then Him.

      Just check that out and see your reason behind your choice of words or your relationship with Him. Because usually the world thinks we are justing using Jesus like they use jobs, cars, video games, science, etc. We must show them that He is everything to us, everything!

      Because crutches grow weak and have to be replaced. And eventually legs get better and crutches have no purpose anymore.

      just a thought. Thanks for stopping by Nikki.

  54. David permalink

    Just given this site tonight and I must compliment all of you both for and against Christ and also evolution (macro). I would like to comment on this matter if I may? We as a people tend to read something in a school book and assume that since it is there it must be true. What we tend to forget or maybe not know in the first place is that almost every year that book that we thought so true is destroyed and sections are re-written because what we so arrogantly thought last year to be true has been proven false this year. Ed points out that biology has proven evolution. It has not. I carry degrees in science and surgical technology and my biology goes into the depths of advanced medical micro… If anything biology disproves evolution as a possibility period. Each year more and more evidence comes out to destroy that religion of evolution and yet we have a whole generation that has gotten so far from our country’s foundations (on God) that they assumed they were being taught truth and have completely missed one really important point.. It is called the THEORY of evolution… only a theory my friends. And each year it becomes less of a theory because there are too many things in nature that disproves it.
    There is a famous English lord who is both atheist and evolutionist. When asked why he still hangs onto this false science and false religion his answer was quite interesting. He stated “If evolution is not true the me must admit that we are created beings designed by a creator. We must then admit that we are moral beings and as such would have to ultimately be held responsible to that creator and to me this is unthinkable”……

    I wonder how may there are out there that do the same. Hang on to the hope that we are nothing more than animals that die, turn to dust and have no real eternal part within ourselves? The sad thing my friends is that scripture is very clear. EVERY knee will bow and every person WILL confess that Jesus Christ IS lord. Some of us are granted this truth prior to our heart stopping for the final time and others reject this truth until after the heart stops for the final time… Oh my friends, do you not understand that forever really is forever? That if the bible is true (and never has one word been proven false) then you will have that day of judgement and it will be everlasting… Just yield while there is still time….

    One final comment to our friend that feels the bible is changed… The Dead Sea Scrolls have helped to prove that the text of our King James Bible and the manuscripts used in writing it are virtually untouched. The old testament in it and all real translations did tell you that for Israel under law Pork was a no no.. along with many other things. But if you move forward, especially to Acts chapters 10 and 11 and Romans chapter 14, Colossians chapter 2 you will find that a change took place and now God says ALL things are good to eat and that the ban on certain foods have been lifted… It is called a dispensational difference between Israel under Law and the Body of Christ absent from that law (Romans 6:14, Galations 2:18- 3:26, Colossians 2:13 and 14 and many many more… Many times confusion seems present and error seem evident if we do not take the time to understand how things unfolded to provide the salvation spoken of by our Apostle Paul in Acts 16:30,31 and Romans 10:9.

    Have a great day guys…

  55. Rachel permalink

    Wow!!! Laminin truely is an eye opener… I would have never thought that the cross was more in me than my heart! And now i know that it runs through me!!! WOW:)! The LORD is truely amazing! He’s everywhere on earth and in your body! ( although he was already in your heart) This just makes everything ten times better!! And i bet that this could/will lead more ppl to Christ! I love yall:)

    Your Sister,

  56. Steven permalink

    Thank you, Eric. To think this is proof of God’s existence is absolutely ridiculous.

    • Steven,

      Thanks for the kind words, I guess? 😉

      I never said absolutely “Laminin IS absolute proof that God indeed exists!”. I never said that. I simply said that this seems like God possibly designed Laminin to look this way under a microscope to possibly point people to His Son’s cross. Jesus, like Laminin holds things together. Colossians 1.

  57. Charlene permalink

    Thank you so very much for what you have opened our eyes to because its all the truth you have changed my way of thinking and made my belief so much stronger and the Laminin Whoa!!!!!!!!!! who would have ever thought i was in awe when i saw it and now im gonna show everyone around the world this is ultimate truth that God does exist, the proof LAMININ.
    Thank you once again never stop what your doing your Wonderful .

    Please Lord Jesus
    May you Bless this man in all that he is doing and strenghten him to further show us the True Glory of You and Inspire us to do the same for others that dont have access to his talks . Bless us all Lord may we all Strive to walk the road
    Thank you Lord we ask this in Your Almighty yet Gracious Name

  58. Sharon E. Janes permalink

    Thank you Jondave for your message and kind words.

    For those of you who do not believe in the life, death, resurrection and the return someday of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, please do not ever write down the date again. He IS History (even the word means HIS STORY.) It only proves that He lived, died and is coming back again (I believe very soon). For those of you who are gamblers, yes gamblers, please consider this thought – If you are right about dying and say that the end is the end and I am right about His death, resurrection and return and I will be going to Heaven to be with Him one day, what if He came back today? I would have nothing to lose and you would have lost what you could have had – eternal life with Jesus. So therefore, you are a big gambler. I hope you choose Jesus and be safe. Stop gambling with your eternity please.

    Thank you for the message about laminin. I truly appreciate it but even without it, I know that Jesus created me just like the Bible says.

    By the way, we eat pork today because we have refrigeration but in the old days, they did not have refrigeration and pork goes bad quickly. That is my idea of why we eat pork today but did not in the Old Testament times. Now Jesus says that we can eat anything that He has created for us to eat now. Animals and mankind are not for worshiping. Only God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is Holy and deserves worship.

    Again, thank you for your message.

    In Christ.

  59. nikki permalink

    i’m beginning to feel a tad sorry for you jondave…
    It seems to me that you are so far from understanding grace (as we all are learning too). You probably aren’t even aware of the way you come across – even at first what seems a caring response has glimpses of assumptions, judgements, misinterpretation and arrogance.

    I agree that the cross is offensive, and foolishness to those perishing but at the same time I know also how much damage the “Church” is responsible for too. I was also frustrated that there was a HUGE opening for your response to Margaret to share what makes our “religion” different from others and instead of taking it you decided to attempt to prove her wrong (as if you truly believe you can “out-stubborn” her with your headstrong views, when the only thing that will penetrate is the Spirit of God and He doesn’t move that well with the pharisees unfortunately) and missed a wonderful opportunity to speak about Grace being the difference for christians.
    On one hand i am all for educating and setting people straight on their myths of Christianity but it’s all hot air if they are not ready to listen and won’t ever be life changing for them now or some place down the path. But what will stay with them are the basic principles of the faith – even if they are not ready to accept them now, they just might pop back into their head at an appropriate time somewhere down the track when they are ready.

    As for a “crutch” i do not make any apologies for that illustration because although God IS everything to me, for that particular dialogue He is my crutch, how many times do we read in the Bible that He is our strength, we are weak but He is strong and as long as I am an imperfect human I will never reach the point of when I do not need God- I will never be walking alone unassisted or unaided. Maybe it’s your error in behaving or believing as if you do not need God?
    Also, one of Margaret’s underlying points is that religion is for weak people -when all of humanity is weak I was more than happy to acknowledge that fact which also disarms her at the same time.

    To be honest with you I am quite offended at the part where you compare my “crutch” to drugs, sex and beer with the implication that God may be a “fad” to me.
    If you need to know my credentials I am more than happy to let you know that I have been a strong and active christian for over 25yrs, in that time I have enjoyed studying the Bible professionally and have degrees suggesting so, I have learned ancient Greek and dabbled in Hebrew, I have exegeted the new and the old testament and am a staunch Creationist
    And just in case your wondering- i have also acquired a degree in paramedical science (and I work as a paramedic) so i probably am more clued in than most on the genetics, cellular and molecular make up of the human body – thus my stumble upon your page.
    When speaking about evolution you might want to add (or remember if you’re already aware) to your repertoire: de-evolution, the fact that everything that does change and morph in our day and age does so by losing data not creating new or more.

    My job can make it extremely difficult to stay strong in Christianity due to the things I see and experience but my faith is built on such a strong foundation that it will not be shattered by anything, so please try and refrain from judging my relationship with Him.
    If it weren’t for Him I would not stay in the field of work that I am in. I would not be able to look a Father in the eyes and pronounce his daughter dead, I would not be able to sift through car wrecks hoping for survivors, I would not be able to cut a person down from their noose, I would not be able to come home to my family and smile. But praise God that I can, I can because it is Him I rely on, it is Him that trust in, it is Him I give everything to and it is Him that heals, removes, softens, rectifies, blesses, created and moulded me into who I am, a child of God with a purpose. Don’t get me wrong my job isn’t all bad, I have been blessed with the opportunity to save peoples lives with medical intervention, I have been able to deliver babies into the world on the side of the road or in the family bathroom. And I owe it all to my “crutch”- cos i ain’t doin’ that without Him!

    just a thought, thanks for your reply Jondave.

  60. Eric permalink

    Praise be to the Flying Spaghetti Monster!! Look at this amazing structure that I found of the protein called Myoglobin…

    It is clearly shaped like strands of spaghetti. Only an all intelligent Flying Spaghetti Monster could be responsible for this. Anybody who doesn’t agree with me is fooling themselves and I hope that the FSM will have mercy on you when you see him on judgment day.

  61. Catrina permalink

    SO i thought that it was TOTALLY awesome, that something that has been a part of human life ever sence GOD made us, the one thing that holds us together…still points us to the cross. Reading all these comments before mine…seeing people argue,going back and forth about pretty much the same thing over and over again is pretty sad. The christians in the group, like myself are SUPER stoked about it, and the unsaved trying to knock us down.

    Whoever said it before was TOTALLY right..anything about Jesus and the Bible and the fact that God made this to look like the cross, to the unsaved. yea it dont make sence!

    But we Christians cant get mad and to uptight, Just as the cross called us, we have to be gentle to the unsaved and show them the cross, and the love of Christ is us.

    Not to argue to death every little bad thing they have to say, or else how do we look…and how as a reflection of Christ are we making Him look to the unsaved.

    But on a happy note i showed the picture to my whole youth group and it totally ROCKED THEIR WORLD!

    MY GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  62. Edward permalink


    I think the Flying Spaghetti Monster will be too drunk to tell anything. As long as you look like you drink a lot, I think he’ll let you in. :]

  63. BUDa permalink

    I think you must be very careful in your description of the extracellular matrix and basement membranes -> the information which you have quoted from possibly Wikipedia or something of the likes is done so in an uniformed way. This is the problem with being uneducated in the field of biology and trying to make a religious link.
    1) The ECM has many other constituents which hold it together which are much more important than laminin. (so GOD is not the most important?)
    2) Please sort this out – basement membranes have laminin but not all laminin is found in basement membranes.
    3) There are hundreds of thousands of different protein within the body and in nature with their own random structure. The statistics will go against you when you say “Don’t tell me this is coincidence” – obviously you don’t believe in numbers and math as well?

    These arguments are pointless as all religious people will stand their ground in fear of GOD watching over them – hell’s pretty bad right?
    And atheists will try show how all religious people are wrong and they are too scared to denounce GOD (what are the benefits of atheism anyway?)
    I’m not here for a religious argument but please get your facts straight and don’t say stupid things because then you undermine yourself and your beliefs.

  64. pSIO permalink

    OMG ITS KINDA THE SHAPE OF A CROSS!!!! GOD MUST EXIST!!! laminin isn’t the only structural component essential to maintaining bodily structure. There are BILLIONS of proteins in living organisms, I’m sure you could pretty much pick out any shape you want and you would find a protein counterpart. Out of a billion different proteins, at least one is bound to form a cross shape, especially when this is such a simple shape!

  65. John permalink

    Nikki, a great response. Not only is Christ my crutch, he is my iron lung; truly the air I breath.

    Recently retired Fire Chief

  66. Emily Bible permalink

    God is so good and so perfect. It is he who created the cross not only to save us but to hold our bodies together. The ways God teaches us and frees us from the sins of ourselves is a miracle. Thank the LORD!

  67. truthseeker permalink

    I’ve read the majority of comments and I find it interesting how there seems to be two types of belief. Those who believe in God and those who don’t. Everyone agrees that life had a beginning but not everybody believes the same on HOW it began. I’m convinced of God being creator and I like to compare the origin of a cell to another complex thing, such as a Ferrari F50:) (that’s a car for those who aren’t familiar with ferrari’s) I’m assuming nobody would say a perfectly tuned Ferrari would have been created by chance. There’s just too many variables to be in place in order for this vehicle to operate. That car was created and designed by someone. When a car is compared to a living cell that NEEDS over two hundred proteins to have basic function, and is self replicating, to me it’s obvious that such a cell couldn’t have happened by chance. It’s just too complicated. I’m sure the designer of that car would be upset if people thought it came into existence by random chance and natural selection. It’s easy to not believe in God because when there’s no consequence for our actions and we can do whatever we please. That’s the challenge of being born again because humans naturally want to be in control and satisfy themselves. So when you’ve established your belief about HOW things came into existence, it determines your entire view of life and purpose. Faith is BELIEF in something to be true. Where does your faith rest? Thanks for reading.

  68. Frank permalink

    Take this from someone who studies Biological & Cognitive psychology: there is nothing exciting about one of the hundreds, if not thousands of molecules, peptides, aminoacids and whatnot looking like cross, especially if you consider the fact that it only looks like a cross in a schematic drawing. In real life, it hardly resembles a crucifix. On top of that, it’s a symmetrical shape consisting of the two differently sized lengths fixed at a 90 degree angle, WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!?

    Really, neurology is a baffling science. There’s so much going on in the brain and nearly every part is vital for the whole. But get a load of this little molecule that’s also pretty abundant in the human body:

    Looks like anything familiar? 😉

  69. so starfish are sorta signs of the devil? i mean pentagramish, seems like they could be preaching the *almoghty* Lucifer.

    now who cares if thats what your preaching or not, there are people who will not agree with you like myself. I believe God has his Holy Spirit in his word and if we preach His word the Spirit will protect that.
    One way to test if this information is ‘divinely inspiring’ or whatever your TRYING to say about it, is to see if theres any fruit out of this information. Not Christians being more rooted in their faith, but people jumping out of their sinful lives and seeking the one who can restore life, physical and spiritual.

    final note: i would do some correct research, painters have portrayed Christ on the cross with no proofs at all. the cross during the Roman empire that they used for crucifixions was a Yau cross, traditional “T”, not small “t” so maybe if you find a protein strand that looks like the 20th letter of the alphabet some miraculous wonders may bring about our next revival.

    dont get me wrong, this is cool but going out to people with the Bible is a lot cooler, and a lot more risky, God likes those risky things

    thanks for reading my comment 🙂

  70. Alex permalink

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was laminin. How many bad people were hung on a cross? Quite a few, actually. If we all have laminin in us, wouldn’t we all be bad people, then, because the cross has come to represent Christianity. Many Christians fail to realize the number of adulterers and sinners who were nailed to the cross.

  71. Naomi permalink

    I think your answers are well thought out and show God’s love. That’s all you can do. God will bless you for your patience, despite the fact that some of these comments are rude and meant to make fun of Christianity. Your posts were very encouraging to read.
    God is good all the time. I love that he would take something so small such as laminin with a cross shaped structure, and place it inside of us a surprise to discover and think of him. Have you seen the center of the Whirlpool Galaxy? Google it if you haven’t. It’s 31 million light years away, but has a cross clear as day resting in its center. God is so amazing and I love Him so much. Do not grow weary of doing (or saying) what it right!

  72. I just wanted to say that out pastor showed us this in Sunday school yesterday. I found it very neat and exciting. It really made me feel something inside. I think this is great for Christians to see how God made us and the universe.

  73. Cynthia Silva permalink

    I was wondering; if people really believed in God/Jesus they wouldn’t need to look for a proof of his existence. Why think that God said “oh, I am going to create a protein in a shape of a cross, so the human being would feel my presence” – or whatever, instead of just realize that the cross shape can permit interactions inside the membrane that a circular shape, for example, could not permit… I think we all should spend more time working on his message instead of trying to prove his existence… “Be the change you want to see in the world”

  74. Jordan permalink

    My old fifth grade teacher posted this on facebook and it was almost like god meant for me to see this. As I was watching this amazing video I thought about my teacher. She has breast cancer ( stage 5). If I had breast cancer or any type of cancer I would wonder why god would let this happen to me. Then I thought about how this video really explains to her that god is IN her. Laminin is WITH the cancer. The fact that she is still alive is purely Jesus Christ. Escpecially the fact that she has so much faith on god and is one of the most devoted followers of god I know is amazing when she is going through this. I started reading some of these comments. Most of them are inspiring. The others are examples of why we should all follow Christ no matter what obstacles come into our life. These nonbelievers make me sick. If they would take 1 second to look at the world around them and see how Christ truly effects us maybe they would not be so in denial. I can’t pull out any scientific facts backing up my answer. I’m only in ninth grade. But I do know that these nonbelievers should realize that every HEARTBEAT is thanks to god. There is your proof. Honestly I have had real proof that god is real multiple times but, you don’t even need proof. just faith. And for all those nonbelievers, I thought I would just give you something to think about while you are burning in hell. Sorry. But, it’s the truth unless you accept the lord as your savior. Thank you Jesus.

    • brenda permalink

      i am glad you believe in Jesus, Jordan, but i wish unbelievers didn’t “make you sick”. please love them as Jesus did. you may be the only person to show them what Jesus’ love looks like.

  75. Alex Gates permalink

    OMG It must be true!!! this couldnt possibly be a coincidince! because molecules never cross each other in their structure!

  76. Karen permalink

    I recently saw the video and wanted to see more that I could share. This was a wow if I ever saw one. Can’t wait to say wow when I see Jesus.

  77. The topic is quite trendy on the Internet right now. What do you pay the most attention to when choosing what to write about?

    • Dear “How to get a six pack fast”,

      I wrote this when a friend called me and shared with me the look and appearance of “laminin”. And related it to Colossians 1 about how Christ holds all things together. So I googled it, and found Louie Giglio’s video on laminin and was blown away. I never said that for sure laminin was designed to purposely look like a cross, I just wondered and imagined based on God’s Sovereign design, that’s all.

      It is by pure chance (or destiny) that this topic has gotten so popular on the web and this post is my personal top and most popular. But I never write to go with trends or popularity. This is a blog out of my own heart.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  78. Randolph Brock permalink

    People who say that Christians use science when it’s convenient and skip it when it’s not convenient, then use evolution as an example – ought to visit While your at it, take in all his many hours about evolution. Believe me, evolution is anything but a science.

    Furthermore, just because Jesus died on the cross several thousand years after Adam and Eve were created does not mean that laminin was not purposesly created by God as a cross. The fact is that it reiforces the realization of the reality that God had the cross all planned when He created man in the first place. He knew what He would do for man after man disobeyed Him.

    God is real and some day we will all stand before Him. That is not our choice. Our choice is how we will prepare for that day. The choice is yours. I’ve made my choice to follow Him!

  79. Andrew permalink

    i think i was more excited than he was!! I LOVE Laminin and colosians 1 v 17 ‘and christ is before all thing, and all thing hold together in christ’!!! WOW thats me new favorite verse!!!

  80. louie permalink

    God is just amazing!!! He is in us!

  81. The Bible is supernatural in origin, 66 books handed down through 44 Divinely inspired men over a span of a thousand years.

    If you doubt the inerrancy of the Bible just ponder the following: Throughout human history, even the best scientists of the times seldom knew best, but the Bible was always true…and still is!!

    It is without error.

    Science Then The earth was a flat disk
    Science Now The earth is a sphere
    Bible The earth is a sphere (Isaiah 40:22

    Science Then Only 1,100 stars
    Science Now Incalculable number of stars
    Bible Incalculable number of stars (Jeremiah 33:22

    Science Then Earth sat on a large animal
    Science Now Free float of earth in space
    Bible Free float of earth in space (Job 26:7

    Science Then Science was ignorant on the subject of atoms/molecules
    Science Now Creation made of invisible atoms
    Bible Creation made of invisible elements (Hebrews 11:3

    Science Then All stars are the same
    Science Now Each star is different
    Bible Each star is different (1 Corinthians 15:41)

    Science Then Light was fixed in place
    Science Now Light moves.
    Bible Light moves (Job 38:19,20

    Science Then Air was weightless
    Science Now Air has weight
    Bible Air has weight (Job 28:25

    Science Then Winds blew straight
    Science Now Winds blow in cyclones
    Bible Winds blow in cyclones (Ecclesiastes 1:6

    Science Then Sick people must be bled
    Science Now Blood is the source of life and health
    Bible Blood is the source of life and health (Leviticus 17:11

    Science Then The ocean floor was flat
    Science Now Ocean floor contains deep valleys and mountains
    Bible Ocean floor contains deep valleys and mountains
    (2 Samuel 22:16, Jonah 2:6)

    Science Then Oceans only fed by rivers and rain
    Science Now Ocean contains springs
    Bible Ocean contains springs

    Science Then Wash hands in still water
    Science Now Hands should be washed under running water to kill germs
    Bible Hands should be washed under running water to kill germs (Leviticus 15:13)

    • Jenni permalink

      This is so neat!! Society takes the word of science as law, but people should start to read things more thoroughly and think things through for themselves. Praise Jesus for His sacrifice!

  82. Firstborn of all creation: He is a creation not the Creator.
    Firstborn from the death: Is not true cause He, the prophet, made revitalize others from the death, how can He be first born from the death? If you mean on Doomsday, He is dead now, so not God.
    Laminin: Is the human being shape, not a cross.
    THE HUMAN BEING IS a proportional shape of the: Laminin witch is vital to making sure overall body structures hold together.

    Clip of Louie Giglio: Is perfect about (How great is our God) but an error: How you want to put “your God” in a point in womb of Virgin Mary, if your God is so great ?
    Arch. Marwan Yafi

    Is the name “Jesus” means Yahweh, or son of God? What is Its meaning? What is the evidence that His name proves His situation as a Prophet of their language book? Why they want Him a God, as if the highest place of son of Adam –A Prophet – does not please them? Is Him, the only Prophet who made miracles, more than usual? Pt. Moses, Ezekiel, Eliyah … Pt. Muhammad – peace unto Them – Who made even more miracles, none thought that any one, else, is a God?
    Who is Esau, its relation with Yesa (Isa)? Why Jesus called “Yesa son of Mary” in the generous Qura’an, none other one was called by His mother’s name? But He is more blessed by Allah (be exalted, in chapter Mary & El Omran & the Table… ! Why ?

  83. David permalink

    I bet the religious Moslem scientists are hunting for a crescent shaped protein now otherwise THEIR God is totally screwed!

  84. J Jordaan permalink

    im not stiring. But if you look at the laminin enhanced and enlarged as it is, then you can make alot of figures with it. The original way it is placed in books is short end from left to long leg right. And this could also apear as a sword. One must be carefull to place an image and make it a fact. Rather state that this could ‘look’ like a cross and so we can see, if we so choose, our god in everything around us, what we can see and, what we cant.

  85. Tony permalink

    I can surely say that this is a most interesting find it surely points back to the cross of Jesus. I don’t think that it is any kind of coincidence that this protein turned out to be in the shape of a cross. Everything in this universe was created by God for a reason “for his pleasure” if God wanted to create this protein to point to him in some way then more power to him for doing so “everything points back to Christ to begin with, he had his hand in creating everything that we see no matter how small it may be. I believe that to many Christians for to long have had a “cram it down your throat” and “I am right and you are wrong” attitude and all they are doing is proving that those who do not believe in Jesus are unworthy of the Love that is provided through his death on that cross “a free gift to all who believe in what he did over 2,000 years ago” you cannot force someone to accept what is free.

    I have 2 more things to say and you can take this however you want:

    1. People don’t care about how much you know about Christianity,
    what they care about is that you Love them no matter what they
    think about what you believe.

    2. People also don’t need to hear about all the wrong things that
    they have been doing because they all ready know what they are
    doing is wrong whether they want to admit it or not!
    You can even see Christ’s supremacy in the Law! Everything
    points back to Him! Christ never told anyone that they where
    wrong for committing sins he showed them that he loved them
    even though they where sinning and doing wrong.
    The only ones he said that where “wrong” where the pharisees
    and the teachers of the law, and he loved them even though they
    didn’t agree with him that they where wrong and He was right!
    He didn’t shove it down their throats because they wouldn’t
    believe in what he was saying.

    I end what I am saying in this I have had lot’s of believers tell me I am wrong but it’s not a matter of wrong or right but “Truth” this what Jesus always told the people who would listen. People don’t want to hear that they are “wrong” they want to hear the “Truth”!!

    Fact: God Loves All Of Us no matter what we do, it’s our Job to
    “Believe in the work done on the Cross for all the world”
    “The Work was his Love expressed for Us so that we can
    posess the “Truth” simply put “I Died For You Because I
    Love You So Much”

    Fact: Christianity is not a “Religion” it’s “Truth and Love” nothing
    more! Because proving that somone is wrong is not “Love”
    it’s only “Truth” you have to have both to make it work!
    People forget that Jesus came to earth to Love us and show us
    the “Truth” and that truth is : God Loves Us – Nothing Less!
    He Gave Of His Only Son Because Of Love – He Loves Us That

    • brenda permalink

      keep on telling it tony! you are soooo right!

  86. Samantha permalink

    To be completely honest…the whole idea of arguing back and forth with one another is absurd. Jondave, I respect you for trying to explain to those people that attack/ask you questions, but I think that your comments turn mute when you begin to argue (even though that’s what I am sure they want). I don’t see why people need to always push. I am a Christian (Catholic to be precise) and I have always tried to enlighten (when asked) people about the word of God, so I understand where you are coming from. What I don’t understand is why people, Christians and non-Christians alike, have to knock each other all of the time about what they believe. As long as I am a Christian and I am firm in my belief and faith then I am fine. I don’t let those who do not believe get under my skin and I never question why they believe what they do. It’s there decision and if they are fine with knowing what the consequences will be, or might be in there terms, then let them be. Also, it has, for my entire life, always baffled me why non-believers constantly must push and push us Christians to try and explain our faith and what we believe. If you have read this article and you don’t agree with it then fine…leave. It truly is as simple as that. I, personally, found this to be amazing and I truly enjoyed it, but for those who didn’t, why must you push and badger?…there is no point. You are not going to turn any of us into evolutionists…lol.

    My point is, I really don’t see, nor understand, the point to arguing about this. Everybody believes what they believe. As I said before, as long as I believe in the Almighty and I follow what He says then I am fine. I try as hard as I can to enlighten those that ask, but I do not push. Ultimately, it is there decision.

    Jondave, I enjoyed the article very much and I found it amazing. I actually emailed the link to several of my fellow Church members and I can’t wait for them to read it because I know that it will be just as glorious for them as it was for me. I thank you for posting it and I thank you for following God. Continue your work brother, but do not be so quick to spark and argument or let people get under your skin. Your ultimate goal in God’s kingdom on Earth is to follow the path of Christ and I don’t believe that arguing will do you any good. Reaffirm your faith by studying the scripture and spreading the Word to those that wish to receive it. God Bless you.

  87. grace permalink

    Jonathan, I will pray for you as you reply so wise and kindly to all the comments here. It takes a special person like you because I don’t know I would have replied as nicelly to some rude comments. I will pray God blesses you and give you kindness as you speak in truh.
    Hang in there and like Paul, reach out to all so that maybe some may realize the truth!
    God bless you!

  88. Tyler Jaksa permalink

    …Amazing……A movie was showed not too long ago at my church about this amazing discovery. This just goes to show that we humans are beautifly and wonderfuly made. GOD holds all things together and this is just another of millions of signs that GOD hides in the world to show his power, authority, and most of all his love for ALL of us. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!

  89. Tyler Jaksa permalink


  90. adam b permalink

    Well praise GOD, im glad to be a christian!! It’s funny that I should stumble accross this today because because everything i’ve touched seems to have went backwards and some people that I work with really got my nerves. Sometimes I hear people say things like “they don’t believe in God” or “sometimes I think I would be better off dead” or other dreadful things, all the while blinded to what thier next steps will be. When I see people in this condition I just want to grab them and shake them a little and shout “GOD IS REAL, CANT YOU SEE WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR YOU!!!” After today i needed a little shake myself, so thank you for following God. When i seen this it was like God grabbing me by the heart and saying “HEY! (squish squish) it’s me again did you forget totaling two vehicles unharmed, do you not remember having less than dollar to your name and everything you needed at the same time!!!” I don’t know if laminin is shaped that way specifically because God wanted it to be or not, though i like to believe that it is. what i do know is that God knows what I need and he has always provided for me. i don’t want anybody trying change my beliefs, so i extend that courtesy to everyone else regardless of religion or lack thereof. However, if someone wants to talk about mine I’m always glad to share, just don’t want anybody to think that I really shake people. God has been so good to me and so real in my life. I owe everything to him. I’ve had life with God and I’ve had life without God. I have to say that I prefer life with God, it’s so much better and even if I’m wrong I have nothing to lose. I know a lot of good people that go to a wide variety of churches and denominations. It’s hard for me to believe that any one of them are 100% right. Therefore, I believe that God works with people in a veriety of ways to reveal himself to others. I believe that he may lead you to somewhere that you’ve never been just see something that you need to see or to talk to someone that you don’t know so that they can hear what they need to hear. I believe that God is suttle when you obey and do your best, but he can also let satan have his way when let yourself fall away. I believe that God helps them that help themselves. If I hadn’t worked as hard as I have I wouldn’t be where I am. Years ago i felt like was being pushed to do things that I didn’t really want to deal with, not by God but rather by crappy circumstances. However, I didn’t give up I did my best and I kept the faith, and now I’m reaping the benefits. When I look back on my life I see that these events couldn’t have took place without devine intervention because there were too many things that took place in a very specific time frame for it to be mere chance. I walked away from wrecks that veteran officers had’t seen anyone live to tell about. My brother had a car wreck, and when they found him he had brain matter in his ears. Long story short, six very good doctors waited at the foot of his bed for him to die. Today he is walking talking and gainfully employeed. So praise God and glory to his name, I know he is alive, if not by what I see then by what I feel.

  91. Fundamentalists will connect anything to their religion, wow, just wow.

  92. jordan permalink

    ……oh, how Satan has blinded the eyes of some people that, if not lukewarm, they are unbelieving…The fact that the Bible in the book of Psalms (am not sure… maybe chapter 4 or 5 or 6 or 7) reveals that even the heavens (that is the universe) declare the majesty, glory, and might of God, how much more does this body that we have (made of dust) display the wonders of God…!
    Thank God He has His grace poured upon us in these times… because if not, maybe He has already sent that consuming fire from heaven and killed multitudes of people from His wrath due to their ungratefulness and unbelief just like what He did with the Israelites in the time of Moses.
    Go people…!!! Preach the Word of Salvation thru Jesus Christ…!!! Fuego mas y mas todos dias…!!! God bless…!!!

  93. Brad permalink

    Jonathon, you once said that you dont deserve the compliments you receive because you are merely answering as truthfully and respectfully as possible the questions posed to you, but as a teenager in high school I can say firmly that you are a great inspiration to fellow christians around the world. its interesting how god can tie things together. First game God, then lamanin, then louie giglio, then these discussions in which I am further confirmed in God’s everlasting love for us. Thank you for the inspirations 🙂

    • Shiftyninja55,

      Well thank you and thank God! It is truly amazing and humble how God works and what and whom He chooses to use to display His glorious goodness. Thank you for the grateful comments and I pray that somehow you can spread what you have been inspired by to others. If it dies with you, it fails. You must spread the grace and truth of God in love to all who hear. You’re welcome.

  94. Praise the Lord for your work! May the Lord direct and guide your thoughts and ways continually!

  95. Don permalink

    Of course the chance that such a tiny thing – that nobody has seen before modern science and technology – should be shaped in the shape symbolising Christianity is incredibly miniscule. How this makes you feel stronger about the chance that a god exists I don’t know.. If the cells of everything on Earth were shaped in a cross formation I would definately be impressed – but that’s not the case now is it? This really should not strengthen your belief unless you are somewhat uneducated and I’m pretty certain that most people who are able to use the internet have attended at least basic schooling.
    You are not stupid, just blinded by the fear of going to some imaginary hell where god places people who are bad. Oh but wait, god is supposed to be a ‘loving and forgiving god’ isn’t he/she/it. So what are you scared of? Stop being a cowardly sheep and enjoy your life.

    Don Nero A Mano

  96. eli permalink

    Dear Eric,

    What you have not realized in making your comment is that while we all need laminin, wikipedia (by the way found not to be such a reliable source) clearly states ” Despite being one of the most studied proteins in biology, its true physiological function is not yet conclusively established: mice genetically engineered to lack myoglobin are viable and show no obvious defects” (italics added). So maybe your “Flying Spagetthi Monster” doesn’t really exist. Maybe before you try to use evidence against God and the Bible, you should read the article first. I don’t want to discourage your childish beliefs in flying spagetthi, but let me also point out that it is scientifically proven that spagetthi cannot fly, while many concepts of the Bible were proven right by the same scientific data that you use to make your point.While i love you and wish you could come to see the truth, i couln’t just stand by while you make fun of the only One that can fix your life.

    With love, Eli

    P.S. nice to know a 13-year-old girl can prove you wrong.

  97. Betty Wagner permalink

    These replies are very interesting, but all I can say at this moment is, “Thank you Jesus, Lord God Almighty, for showing me the WAY to YOU.” Before I found you, I came to the point of wondering why I was here and what good it did! Since then (in 1976) when I found YOU, I found my reason for living and for “being here”. Thank you soooooooo much Lord God Almighty for calling me to you, and for showing me the “WAY” and for helping me find YOU! I love You Jesus.

  98. Don permalink


    Just curious as to what Jesus looked like when you found him. If you wouldn’t mind telling me.. I looked for him once but he’s apparently very good at hiding.

    Don Nero A Mano

    P.S. For all of you doubters. If you can get your hands on either one of these documentaries – Ancient Aliens or Zeitgeist – watch it.

  99. Floyd Price permalink

    Apparently, most evolutionists are not real scientists because they choose to accept statistical evidence contrary to their preconceived notions; also, few choose to use statistical probability for their statements because the facts will not support their concepts. Even these “scientists” agree that any probability greater than 10 to the 50 power cannot happen. According to latest studies, the possibility of a single change in our DNA, due to its unique structure, is 10 to the 1756 power. Also, any change in any portion of that helix structure is so interlinked with its other parts that one change would effect several other parts- thus making that impossible number of 1756 go above 10 to the 3000 power.
    Another conveniently overlooked factor by evolutionists is that any change in the male would have to also happen at the same time with the female- again contrary to any statistical probability.

    Finally, Jesus had the audacity to state that He was the only way to heaven, and I chose to believe Him. At death, if I’m wrong, according to the nonbeliever, all I’ve missed was doing my own thing during my life; if, I’m right, I get to enjoy His presence in heaven and the nonbeliever spends eternity in Hell.

    God doesn’t send one to Hell; He loves enough to allow them to choose to go by not accepting His Son who died for them.

  100. Floyd Price permalink

    Reply to Mr. Don Nero A Mano: If you went looking for what the wind or electricity looked like, you would only “see” the results of either of those forces – not the forces themselves. Jesus is much the same. When someone “finds” Jesus, that individual “sees” the results in his or her own life. I’m not a preacher, just a retired business executive. I have “seen” Jesus change many lives, mine included, and am fortunate to know men and women whose lives He has changed. Anyone seriously looking for Jesus should consider reading the fourth (John) and sixth (Romans) books of the New Testament. A serious seeker will find Jesus there!

  101. Warriorofvoice permalink

    I really am overjoyed by this confirmation of Christ and his love for us. I love that this confirms that we were literally made in His image. haha. His lives, not only in this place, but in each person that God has blessed with life. He is here to love and bring forth purpose in our lives. For some it is hard to accept the presence of the Lord, but irrevokable are the gifts of God. That being said, being made by such a sovereign and loving Lord, His presence in us is irrevokable. Hallelujah! We praise you Father. The works of your hands are good. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!

  102. Thanks to my father who stated to me about this weblog, this website is genuinely remarkable.

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