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Modern Evangelism – A Systematized Way of Getting Your Ticket to Heaven!

April 7, 2008

“What should be done? What is required when the Gospel is preached? After presenting what God has done for us in Christ, what should be done? We are to command men not to repeat a little prayer after me. We are to command men to repent and believe the Gospel. As I shared the other night, I heard of a seminary that actually in evangelism was teaching its young ministers of the Gospel to do this: Whenever you ask someone the exploratory question ‘Would you want to go to Heaven?’ you should also begin to nod your head like this so that they’ll begin nodding their head and it’ll be easier for them to accept Christ.

Or you get this thing: You witness to someone and you say…

Would you like to receive Jesus?

Person: Well yes I would.

Minister: Well, um, then call on the name of the Lord.

Person: Well, uh, I don’t know how.

Minister: Well then repeat this prayer after me.

Person: Well I kind of feel uncomfortable doing that.

Minister: Well just, uh, pray, uh, to yourself in quiet.

Person: Well, okay, uh, well…

Minister: Well I tell you what I’ll pray the prayer for you and if you agree with what I’m praying squeeze my hand!

Look at what we have done and its done everyday! Among every kind of Baptist you can count. Its done everyday by foolish little men who should spend more time studying their Bible and less time, preaching! And its being taught to you and some of you have done the same thing and you know it because I’ve done the same thing. Until I began to study God’s word, church history, the founding fathers. And more important then them Jesus Christ Himself and the apostles and the prophets. What have we done? Because of what we’ve done, because of this little systematized way of getting your ticket to Heaven we have entire campuses full of lost kids, who act just like lost kids but they’re ‘saved’. No they’re not and no you’re not if you live in the world and love the world and the only thing your Christianity is is something you do on Sunday morning…”

Paul Washer, True Gospel Series, Part 4

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  1. Hi Jonathon,
    I came by your blog by way of Church in the Boro…
    Actually, I’m Allison’s hairstylist, and I’m so glad to see that Gracie has arrived safe and sound.

    You sound like a guy who is passionate about the Truth. I know another guy like that you may like to meet…
    this is my hubby, Stan.

    I also write a blog:
    Tell Allison to come see me sometime!

    Nice to meet you…

  2. yhoshua permalink

    Yeah! Great to see something from Paul Washer on your blog.

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