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Gratitude for Self-Inability – Caedmon’s Call

March 10, 2008

I first fell in love with this song back in high school in 1998 or so. My initial love for it was all surfacey and shallow. However, recently I heard it again. But this time in a very new light. This time I saw the deeply theological depth of this song. The singer is thankful for his own inability to do any good; his own failure at doing anything good on his own. He goes on to sing of his own deadness, his captivity to sin, his inability to refuse redemption, his irresistible draw to God’s grace, and the fact that he has been saved by grace not works and even his faith is a gift of God. Wow, how a song once lovely only in music and sound now becomes utterly beautiful in lyrics and truth. May God bless your heart with this simple yet profoundly true song.

Caedmon’s Call

“I Am Thankful”

Verse 1

I ran across an old box of letters
While I was baggin up some clothes for Goodwill
You know I had to laugh that the same old struggles
That plagued me then are plaguing me still
I know the road is long from ground to glory
But a boy can hope he’s getting some place
But you see, I’m running from the very clothes I’m wearing
And dressed like this I’m fit for the chase

Bridge 1

No, there is none righteous
Not one who understands
There is none who seek God
No not one, no not one


I am thankful that I’m incapable
Of doing any good on my own

Verse 2

‘Cause we’re all stillborn and dead in our transgressions
We’re shackled up to the sin we hold so dear
So what part can I play in the work of redemption
I can’t refuse, I cannot add a thing

‘Cause I am just like Lazarus and I can hear Your voice
I stand and rub my eyes and walk to You
Because I have no choice


I am thankful that I’m incapable
Of doing any good on my own
I’m so thankful that I’m incapable
Of doing any good on my own

Bridge 2

It’s by grace I have been saved
Through faith it’s not my own
It is the gift of God
and not by works
Lest anyone should boast

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