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Gospel Interrogation – Lesson 1: Are You Cross-Centered?

March 5, 2008

Cross-centered. Ever heard the term? It has infiltrated the blogosphere like a virus over the last two or three years. All this talk about being cross-centered, what does it mean already?

My simple definition:

Cross-centered = to live a life totally centered around and focused on the cross of Jesus Christ; with the key word being “totally”.

Totally cross-centered means that every facet and avenue of the life of a born-again believer is infiltrated and touched by the cross: his theology, his methodology, his thinking, his feeling, his actions, his human relations, his job, his family, his home life, his hobbies, his everything revolves around his immutable view of the cross. He is cross-eyed!

And in the explosive popularity of this term has come, as always, the overwhelming abusive redundancy of it. In other words, in some ways, it has almost lost its illustrious meaning. And all the blame for this goes to the Christian, who gets desensitized, overly familiar, and bored to all the good things in life, even the things of God. It becomes so familiar that it only has significance in its mention and hypothesis rather than in reality; actually living out this plea for a cross-centered life. I, among all, have been the worst at this.

In other words, all this talk of being cross-centered Christians has almost inoculated some. Kind of like the typical Christian clichès that say, “What Would Jesus Do?”, “God loves you”, “God has a wonderful plan for your life”, and “You have a God-shaped hole in your heart that only Jesus can fill”. These phrases have been used and abused so often that they almost carry no meaning anymore. This calls for a redeeming and a clarification and definition of proper terminology and of a wisely practical application of the functionality of this cross-centeredness. But fortunately, unlike the popular phrase which says “too much of a good thing is bad”, too much of the cross being bad is impossible and preposterous. Believers can never have too much of the cross. The cross is all we need and all we have.

So believers then should actually labor to be cross-centered. So interrogate your life today. Evaluate your Christian growth. Are you becoming more cross-centered? Test yourself to scripture.

Sermon Jam

Title: Cross-Centered – Audio below in Player

Preacher: Joshua Harris

Transcript: Cross-Centered: Sermon Jam with Joshua Harris

Key Quote: “Singing cross-centered songs; using cross-centered language in your conversation; talking about how cross-centered you are does not make you cross centered.”

Artist & Compiler – 1031 Sermon Jams

[splashcast SRCS7558GP APZA1205MJ]

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