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Gospel 101 – An Apostolic Introduction, Part 5: A Gospel by which we are Saved

December 11, 2007

hc541.jpg(The following is completely and accurately excerpted from HeartCry Missionary Society’s Magazine, Issue 54 pgs. 8-13)

The Gospel is made effectual by its saving power. The only Gospel worth preaching and receiving is the Gospel that actually saves. The fact that the Gospel saves us from God’s wrath and restores back to Him should be enough. But too often men leave this simplicity and power and add to or take away from the Gospel thereby stripping it of its saving power. May we all preach the true Biblical Gospel, the one that saves and is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe.

——————the following is excerpted from HeartCry’s 54th Edition———-

A Gospel by Which We Are Saved

…by which also you are saved,
I Corinthians 15:2

The greatest promise of the Gospel is salvation. Every other
promise and every other benefit derived from them pales in comparison
to this one thing – that the Gospel is the power of God for
salvation,16 and whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.17 According to I Peter 1:9, salvation is the very outcome
or goal of the believer’s faith. It is the end or purpose behind all
that Christ has done. It is the true believer’s great longing, and the
end toward which he strives. God can give no greater gift and the
believer can have no greater hope or motivation than that of final
salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The gift of salvation is even more greatly magnified when we
realize what we were before Christ and what we deserved in that
state. We were sinners by nature and deed and were corrupt to the
point of depravity. We were lawbreakers and criminals without
excuse or plea before the bar of God’s justice. We deserved nothing
less than eternal condemnation, but now we are saved through
the blood of God’s own Son. While we were helpless sinners and
enemies of God, Christ died for the ungodly.18 Through Him, we
who were far off have now been brought near.19 In Him, we have
redemption through His blood, and the forgiveness of our trespasses,
according to the riches of His grace.20

We have been saved from our sin, reconciled to God, and
brought into fellowship with Him as sons! What more could we
desire, or what more do we need? Is not the gift of salvation through
the blood of God’s own Son enough to fill our hearts to overflowing
for an eternity of eternities? Is it not enough to motivate us to live
for Him who died? What need do we have of other promises? Will
we live for Him more because He promises us not only salvation,
but also healing, ease of life, wealth, and honor? What are any
of these things compared to the gift of salvation and of knowing
Him? Away with those who would seek to coax us to devotion by
promising us things other than Jesus Christ. If everyone we have
every loved was taken from us, and our body lay rotting on a dung
heap, and our name was slandered by friend and enemy alike, we
should still find all the devotion we need to love, praise, and serve
Him in this one thing – He shed His own blood for our souls. Pure
and undefiled religion is fueled by this one holy passion.

Why is it that the promise of eternal salvation alone no longer
seems to have as much power to attract men to Christ? Why is
modern man more interested in how the Gospel can help him in
this present life? First, it is because preachers are no longer preaching
about the certainty of judgment and the dangers of hell. When
these things are preached biblically and clearly, men begin to see
that their greatest need is to be saved from eternal condemnation,
and the “more practical” needs of this present age become trivial in comparison. Secondly, we must understand that the great majority
of men, on the street and in the pew, are carnal, and carnally
minded men cherish this world above the next. They have little
interest in the things of God and eternity.21 Most would sooner attend
a conference on self-esteem and self-improvement than listen
to one sermon on sanctification, without which no one will see the

Although it is true that the Gospel can and often does improve
one’s station and condition in life, as stewards of the Gospel, we
must shun the temptation to attract hearers and congregants with any
promise or prop other than Jesus Christ and eternal life. Although
it would be beyond radical in this modern age of evangelism, we
would do well to cry out to the masses, “Jesus Christ, promises
you two things: an eternal salvation in which to hope and a cross
on which to die. The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come’.”

16 Romans 1:16
17 Romans 10:13
18 Romans 5:6-10
19 Ephesians 2:13
20 Ephesians 1:7
21 Romans 8:5
22 Hebrews 12:14

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