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Gospel 101 – An Apostolic Introduction, Part 2: A Gospel to be Preached

November 30, 2007

hc541.jpg(The following is completely and accurately excerpted from HeartCry Missionary Society’s Magazine, Issue 54 pgs. 8-13)

Today, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified must be preached. It must be proclaimed among the nations. It must be heralded on every street and in every alley. This is the Gospel that should be lifted up and voiced out among all men. The preaching of the Gospel is foolishness to this world, and the Gospel itself is foolish. But God is pleased with this foolishness that it may save the unwise and the ungodly and the simple and the base. Brothers and sisters, we must preach the Gospel.

——————the following is excerpted from HeartCry’s 54th Edition———-

A Gospel to Be Preached

… which I preached to you,
I Corinthians 15:1

It seems that for the most part, impassioned preaching has gone
out of style. It has been deemed by many to be lacking the refinement
and sophistication that are necessary to be effective in this
modern era. The passionate preacher proclaiming truth boldly and
unapologetically is now considered an obstacle to the post-modern
man who prefers a bit more humility and openness to other points
of view. The majority argument is that we simply must change the
way we preach because it just looks foolish to the world.

Such an attitude toward preaching is proof that we have lost
our bearings in the Evangelical community. It is God who has
ordained the “foolishness of preaching” to be the instrument of
bringing the saving message of the Gospel to the world.2 That is
not to say that preaching should be foolish, illogical, or outlandish,
but the standard by which all preaching should be compared
is the Scripture and not the contemporary opinions of a fallen and
corrupt culture that is wise in its own eyes.3

The theory is often put forth that our present culture cannot
tolerate the type of preaching that was so effective during
the great awakenings and revivals of the past. The preaching of
George Whitefield, John Wesley, and other like-minded preachers
would be ridiculed, lampooned and laughed to scorn by modern
man. Yet, this theory fails to take into account that these same
preachers were ridiculed and lampooned by the men of their own
day! True Gospel preaching will always be “foolishness” to every
culture. Any attempt to remove the offense and make preaching
“appropriate” diminishes the power of the Gospel. It also defeats
the purpose for which God chose preaching as the means of saving
men – so that men’s hope might not rest in refinement, eloquence,
or worldly wisdom, but in the power of God.4

We live in a culture that is bound in sin like bands of iron.
Moral stories, quaint maxims, and life lessons shared from the heart
of a beloved pulpiteer have no real power against such darkness.
We need preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who know the
Scriptures and are enabled by the grace of God to face any culture
and cry out, “Thus saith the Lord!”

2 I Corinthians 1:21
3 Romans 1:22
4 I Corinthians 1:27-30

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