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The Gospel Primer Code – A Neo-like Vision of Things

November 9, 2007



Don’t worry, I’m not arguing for a “Gospel of the Matrix” or attempting to

make some far-reaching connection between the Matrix and the Gospel. However, I do see many thoughts and philosophies of the Matrix stolen from Christianity. But I’ll save that for another blog. Today I wanted to touch on some thoughts I had Wednesday night at our Church’s mid-week Care Group. As we were praying, I began to have thoughts about how crucial God’s Word is to the Christian and how I’ve been seriously neglecting it in my daily walk. I thought of how we should all SEE the world and our lives through the lens of scripture and the Gospel. How verses should just trickle down over our eyes as we view everything. How everywhere we look we should see this kind of scriptural pattern encoded, like a visible ever-present primer. Then….

…I began to immediately envision that scene in The Matrix where Neo’s eyes are opened and he finally begins to SEE.

6098913_gal.jpg Everywhere he looks, he sees the Matrix as green showering coded primer in 1’s and 0’s. Sure to us its just numbers and code, however to Neo its REALITY. Its TRUTH. His eyes have been opened to SEEING his world as it really is. The truth about his world is beginning to be unveiled. His new found vision gave him new eyes to see through the facade that veiled the truth.

When I finished this mental picture, I couldn’t believe how vivid it was in my mind. I felt I was there with Neo, looking through his eyes, standing in that hallway of fate and destiny. It directly led me to my thoughts on how we SEE this world. As Christians we must have a biblical worldview of life, in all areas: philosophy, theology (obviously), arts and culture, education, politics, ethics and morals, etc. But a biblical worldview can be insufficient if we don’t have a permanent scriptural lens with which we view all of life. A lens that adjusts our focus clearly on the real thing. When God saves us He calls us out of darkness and into His marvelous light. That light allows us to SEE things we’ve never SEEN before. Suddenly, things become clearer and more real to us than ever before.

Just like Neo was raised from the dead back to true life by FAITH & LOVE, so God by His love and through our faith has resurrected our dead souls and given us life; that life includes eyes that SEE, ears that HEAR, and a heart that understands and longs for more TRUTH. Then we realize that the TRUTH we are longing for is God Himself, in the face of Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit. No movie could ever capture or explain this truth fully. But it was made a more vivid and practical reality to me through this gracious mental picture. Its amazing how the things that the world produces and creates can point to eternal truths. Especially amazing how the world has no idea they are being used of God. So I wanted to share this thought with you in hopes that it would help you SEE how we as redeemed people are to LOOK at this world and all of life.

SEE it through your renewed senses and your transformed mind. May God give us all a Neo-like vision of things. May we all long for EYES that SEE and a lens that views life through the Gospel. One that SEES this world as coded primer of scripture; having God’s Word and Truth trickling through every avenue and corner, every street and back alley, every home and city, every person and creature. All coded with our Great and Mighty God.

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  1. Allison permalink

    I think that is such a great analogy! I’m grateful that God gave you that mental picture so that you could share with all of us!

  2. Thanks Allie. Yeah, I’m grateful too. I haven’t been able to find a better or more accurate picture to describe how Christians are to SEE. The Wachowski brothers must have been obliviously used by God in presenting that clearly Godly truth in their movie. Unbeknownst to them, I have already gotten so much spiritual help out of their movie then they have ever intended. Thank God for movies that can point us to God and become springboards to giving Him glory. Kind of like J. Piper said about Lord of the Rings: Two Towers when Gandolf (sp?) was riding in on that white horse toward the great sea of the Orc Army and he just plows through with light, and splendor. Then you see Orcs and Urecai (sp?) flying through the air. Nothing could’ve stopped him at that moment. Well that makes you think of how King Jesus will be when He returns to fight against evil and rescue His bride from defeat! Wow, what a picture that points to the greater picture and ends up making us glorify God! If movies can do that in a clean way, then go for it.

    God has changed me from “all movies are evil and a waste of God’s time” to “some movies are good and can be used to explain great spiritual truths and to glorify God”. So thank the Lord for a mental picture that did just that. Certainly movies don’t come close to God’s special revelation in scripture or His general revelation in creation, but they can help us point to both through this graceful and often wicked means of HollyWood!

    Glad you benefited from it.


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